Bobcat vs Maine Coon

Bobcat vs Maine Coon

Bobcats are considered one of the least domesticated cat breeds, but they can become excellent pets for the right owners. They are often called exotic pets, although lately their popularity as house pets has grown. Maine Coons are popular for being affectionate, gentle giants, with their massive bodies and calm, relaxed nature. There are several differences between these two breeds that are worth noting if you are considering owning one of them. 

Bobcat vs Maine Coon: What Are The Differences?

Body weight

Bobcats are heavier and larger than Maine Coons. Bobcats weigh around 20 to 22 pounds for males and 18 to 19 pounds for females, while Maine Coons weigh around 18 pounds for males and 12 pounds for females. 

Body length 

Bobcats are generally longer than Maine Coons. They are usually 30 to 50 inches long, while Maine Coons are around 19 to 39 inches long. 

Physical appearance 

Bobcats have long legs and large paws, and most of them have brown or brownish-red fur with a white underbelly and a short, black-tipped tail. They have tufted ears and their tails are stubby, or bobbed; thus the name “bobcat”.  

Meanwhile, Maine Coons have long, fluffy coats consisting of three layers. Their coats come in various colors, the common ones being solid white, cream, red, blue and black. Maine Coons can also be tabby, shaded, calico and tortoiseshell. These cats have large, pointed ears, expressive, oval-shaped eyes, and long, bushy tails. 

Personality and temperament 

Bobcats are territorial and solitary cats. They are not so vocal, but during the mating season they tend to communicate by yowling, hissing or spitting. These nocturnal creatures are shy and elusive. They are usually asleep during the day but very active at night, when they hunt for prey like rabbits and small reptiles. 

Domesticated Bobcats are friendly, curious and quite affectionate. They like human attention and if they are hand-raised from kittenhood they are tame and capable of being cared for as pets. They may still have wild instincts, but these can be redirected with the help of training and by providing them with mentally stimulating toys and games. 

Maine Coons are known for their sweet temper and kitten-like disposition. They are loyal and affectionate with above-average intelligence, which makes them easy to train. Unlike Bobcats, these gentle giants are very vocal and use trills and chirps to communicate with their owners. However, while they are vocal they are not loud unless they are hungry or want to get your attention. 

Bobcats and Maine Coons: Similarities 

Although these two breeds have many differences, they also share some similarities. First, they are both large cats with muscular bodies. Second, they both have good hunting skills. Bobcats in the wild hunt for fish as well as rabbits, squirrels and small reptiles. Some bobcats are capable of hunting and killing deer. Meanwhile, Maine Coons have been champion mousers since the time they were brought to the USA from Europe. 

Can Bobcats Make Good Pets?

Yes, Bobcats can be good pets, but it takes a special person to raise them properly. These cats are not the same as house cats, and are very high-maintenance by comparison. Bobcat owners should have a special interest in exotic animals and should familiarize themselves with the behavior of the cat. The right owner should also be mindful of when the cat may become aggressive, or when it requires food or play time. Bobcats have a distinct personality and temperament that must be taken into consideration, and behavioral issues may arise from time to time. 

Pros and Cons of Owning a Bobcat 


Domesticated Bobcats have great personalities compared to other exotic felines. They are affectionate, friendly and curious, and may also demand human attention. They can be rewarding pets, especially for the right owner.


It is quite costly to have a Bobcat as a pet. They require high-quality raw food and a spacious enclosure in the back yard. They also need toys and equipment to play with. Aside from that, owners should set aside funds for vet visits. These cats tend to destroy things around the home, so you may also need to set money aside for carpet and furniture repairs. 


Bobcats are large, exotic cats, also known as bay lynx or wildcats. These cats are closely related to the Canada lynx. They are different from Maine Coons when it comes to physical attributes, temperament and coat type and color. However, they are also similar in that both have good hunting skills and large, muscular bodies. 

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