Do Cats Like Strollers?

Do Cats Like Strollers

Cats, being curious creatures, like to explore their surroundings. For indoor cats this is a pressing dilemma, since they are not free to roam the great outdoors or climb trees. Thankfully, there are some products that allow you to take your indoor cat out, such as strollers. The big question is, do cats like strollers, and are they willing to go out in them?

Do cats like strollers?

Yes, most cats like cat strollers, because they enable them to enjoy the outdoors. They are a benefit to cat owners, helping them to keep their pets safe from injuries and accidents, and to avoid spats with other animals. 

Cat strollers are vehicles specially designed for cats, so you can take your feline companion for a stroll outside. They provide a safe space for your cat, since felines are territorial and may get scared when going somewhere new. They are very similar to human baby strollers, except for some additional features. 

Like baby strollers, you can place and leash your cat inside, and then fasten the breathable mesh cover. This see-through material allows your cat to look out and enjoy the outdoor views. The strollers also have storage compartments, so you can carry toys, water and treats for your cat. 

Benefits of cat strollers 

1. They allow senior or injured cats to enjoy the outdoors.  

Senior cats are less mobile due to health issues like arthritis, and injured cats are unable to go outside. Cat strollers allow them to see the outside world, making them happier and improving their moods. 

2. They are suitable for cat owners with back pain. 

Carrying your cat in a backpack may be a cool way to take her for a stroll; however, for cat owners with back pain, the stroller can be a real lifesaver. Unlike a backpack, which places the weight of the cat on your shoulders, a cat stroller simply requires pushing. 

Other health benefits of a stroll or a walk for cat owners include the following:

  • It improves the quality of sleep. 
  • It helps with weight loss. 
  • It boosts Vitamin D from sunlight. 
  • It is a mood enhancer. 

3. They help you bond with your cat. 

Bringing your cat with you for a stroll allows you to spend more time with her. This strengthens your bond with your cat, and she may end up loving you more out of gratitude for allowing her to enjoy the outdoors. 

4. Your cat will enjoy the fresh air. 

It allows you and your cat to enjoy the fresh air without the fear that your cat may get lost, get into a catfight, or harm a passerby. Cats are like people in that they also enjoy variety in their lives, and an outdoor stroll in a cat stroller satisfies a cat’s instinct to roam and explore the outside world. 

5. They prevent your cat from getting bored.

Boredom is a contributing factor in destructive behavior such as scratching and spraying. Taking your cat outside for a stroll allows her to watch birds and other wildlife from the safety of her stroller. It exposes her to interesting sounds, sights, and scents, and prevents her from getting bored. 

Drawbacks of cat strollers 

Unfortunately, cat strollers also have their disadvantages. First, they are confining, and your cat may not approve of this. Felines are freedom-loving animals and they like to chase squirrels, birds and other moving things. Your cat may happily get into a cat stroller but would want to find a way out if she sees birds or other animals. 

Cats like adventures, and if they are given the chance to be outside but are restricted from enjoying their freedom, they may not actually enjoy the stroll at all. 

Also, some people find it strange to see a cat in a stroller, and they may think you are pushing a baby around. People may ask a lot of questions and may think you are a bit odd. 


Cats like adventure and exploration, which is restricted for indoor cats who are confined inside the home. Thankfully, there are options such as cat strollers, so that your cat can still enjoy the outside world. Cats can be taken out for walks to the park, or around the neighborhood. 

Cat strollers allow cats to enjoy the fresh air and see the views and wildlife, and prevent them from getting bored. However, these strollers also have their drawbacks, since many cats do not enjoy the confinement. What’s more, some people may find it a bit weird that you are walking your cat, and you might get some odd looks. 

Image: / FridayIvo