European Maine Coon vs American Maine Coon

European Maine Coon vs American Maine Coon

European Maine Coons are Maine Coon cats bred in Europe. They are not a separate breed, and they possess all the standard Maine Coon attributes of any Maine Coon. However, there are some noticeable differences when you compare European Maine Coons with American Maine Coons. 

European Maine Coon vs American Maine Coon: What are the differences?

The main difference between European and American Maine Coons is in their physical attributes. European Maine Coons have stronger muzzles and chins, as well as taller ears with lynx-like tips, or brushes. They also have a more feral or wild appearance, while American Maine Coons have a softer, more refined look. 

European Maine Coons also have extra-long and bushy tails, high cheekbones and big, square muzzles compared with their American counterparts. They have piercing, almond-shaped eyes, while their American cousins have slightly oblique-shaped eyes. The common eye colors are gold, green, blue or odd-eye, which is a combination of blue and gold or green. 

European Maine Coons and American Maine Coons: Similarities 

Both of these Maine Coon bloodlines have striking similarities in personality and temperament. They are gentle, affectionate and playful, but this may vary slightly depending on their gender.  

Male Maine Coons

Male Maine Coons are outgoing, charismatic, bubbly and more playful than females. They also tend to display comical behavior and are very friendly. They want to be the center of attention and like to show off. They are more sociable and more likely to follow you around the house than the more reserved females. Males are also generally more inquisitive. 

Female Maine Coons

The females are smaller and less raucous than males. They are also sociable, but tend to be more reserved than males. They are still playful, curious and very intelligent. 

Common Maine Coon personality traits

1. Their vocalizations are usually chirps and trills, rather than meows. 

Maine Coons tend to be vocal, but they do not meow a lot. Instead, their vocalizations are chirps or trills that can be kitten-like, which some owners find quite comical considering the massive size of these cats’ bodies. They let out a gentle chirp when they are excited at seeing a bird, or if they see their owner.  

These cats also chirp to express needs, such as asking for food and treats, or if their litter box is dirty. They also chirp or trill when they are happy and when expressing affection for their owners. 

2. They like to accompany their owners.

Maine Coons are loyal companions that tend to follow their owners around the home. They are curious and observant and they like to stay near you wherever you are in the house.

3. They are renowned as the “gentle giants” of the cat world. 

Maine Coons have large, muscular bodies and broad chests, but they are not aggressive at all. They are popularly called gentle giants and they make good companions for small children and other pets, such as dogs.

4. They do not hold grudges.

While some cats can be aloof, grumpy and moody, Maine Coons tend to be the opposite. They are very calm and forgiving, and always ready to sit near for some cuddles. 

5. They tend to be touchy.

These cats are affectionate and use their paws a lot to express affection. They may also use their paws when they eat, and they tend to pick up dry food or treats and eat them out of their paws. If you are sleeping, your Maine Coon may touch you gently on the face to check on you. 

6. They have superior intelligence. 

Maine Coons are very intelligent, which makes them easy to train. They can also be taught to obey sounds or words, like “stop” or “come”. However, being smart, they may also become easily bored or restless. Keep them entertained and busy with puzzle toys and other mentally stimulating activities. 

7. They are very adaptable. 

Maine Coons adapt easily to their environment and can do well regardless of whether they live in a farmhouse or an apartment. They do not mind at all, as long as they are given ample attention. They also have a laid-back personality and a calm demeanor. 

8. They get along well with other pets. 

Since these cats are gentle and affectionate, they also tend to get along well with other pets like dogs. They get along with other cats, regardless of breed. 

9. They adore water.

Maine Coons have water-resistant coats that allow them to play or swim in water. They find dripping taps fascinating and are likely to follow you into the bathroom if you are about to take a shower. 

10. They are fond of sleeping in odd places and positions. 

These cats tend to be comical due to their odd sleeping positions.  They are also likely to be seen sleeping in odd places, and this could be attributed to their history of living in barns and ships. 


The differences between European Maine Coons and American Maine Coons lie mostly in their physical attributes and where they are bred. They share more similarities than differences, especially when it comes to their personality and temperament. Regardless of where they are born, these cats are playful, affectionate, gentle and laid-back. 

Image: / Sergei Ginak