Fabrics That Cats Hate

Fabrics That Cats Hate

Cats like to scratch on surfaces, posts, trees, tires and car seats. It is normal cat behavior and they do it to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, as well as to mark their territory. However, it can become destructive if they scratch on furniture and clothes. Get to know the kinds of fabrics cats hate to deter them from scratching and damaging your furniture and personal belongings. 

Fabric that cats hate: What are these fabrics and why do cats hate them?

1. Ultrasuede 

This is a synthetic material that is made from finely spun polyester fibers. It deters your cat from destroying your couch as it is scratch-resistant. It has no loose fibers to pull out and is resistant to absorbing cat odour, hair, and stains. The material is smooth so your cat will not be compelled to scratch it. 

Ultrasuede is used for furniture and upholstery, shoes, interior design, clothing apparel and accessories, phone cases, sports gear, and car accessories.  

These are the benefits of Ultrasuede:

  • It is comfortable and soft. 
  • It is flexible and available in different levels of thicknesses.
  • It is an easy-to-clean and low maintenance material.
  • It is durable and used in various areas like your home and car.

2. Leather 

This durable material is widely used for couches and bedroom sets. It has a sturdy finish and cats are less likely to claw and scratch at it due to its solid exterior. Cats prefer to scratch materials that have loose threads since they can bat and claw at them easily. 

However, cats still tend to scratch on leather if it is made of faux material. To ensure that your furniture is protected, always opt for real leather since it is tough and thick. 

These are the benefits of leather:

  • It is available in various styles and adds beauty to your home. 
  • It is easy to clean off cat fur because of its smooth surface
  • It is an affordable option because it fits into any price range.

Some cats can get through leather furniture if it is a mixed leather surface and their claw marks could show prominently. Repair cat scratches with the use of olive oil or scratch remover solution. Choose a leather type that is designed to help hide blemishes easily.

3. Microfiber 

This synthetic material is durable, tough and hard to shred. It is soft and smooth so cat fur does not get embedded in its surface, plus it is easy to clean. The fabric is made from a combination of nylon and polyester that is spun into very small fibers. 

Microfiber is used for cleaning rags, bedsheets, pillowcases, clothing, curtains, mops, blankets, and towels.   It can be used for a lot of purposes and is available in various colors with an easy-to-clean surface. it is more affordable than leather and suede while still being durable.  

4. Denim  

This fabric is popular as clothing and is made from a blend of cotton woven together to create jeans, jackets, and overalls. It is not a common choice for furniture, but you can use it to spruce up your tables and chairs.  Cats do not like the rough and thick material since they cannot dig their nails through it. It has a washable surface with little absorbency, so cat fur will not stick to it easily. 

5. Velvet

This fabric is made of soft and smooth material that is woven together on a loom. It is ideal for sofas and headboards. The thick and luxurious fabric is unattractive for cats since it does not have loose fibers. It can be made from various materials such as polyester, cotton, silk, yarn and wool.   

Velvet was previously associated with wealth and luxury due to its high price, but nowadays it is easily available and more cost-friendly. It is also low-maintenance and easy to clean and vacuum. 

6. Polyester 

This synthetic material is inexpensive and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This lightweight material is mixed with various materials to make it more durable and resilient.  Polyester is strong and sturdy which makes it undesirable for cats as they cannot easily scratch it. 

This fabric is used in various ways, including blankets, curtains, towels, bedsheets, pillowcases, carpets, rugs, tents, rope, laundry bags, and seatbelts.  

Other materials that cats hate

Aside from fabrics, here are other materials that cats hate:

Aluminium Foil

Cats hate aluminium foil because of its crinkly sound and texture. This material is made of aluminium that is prepared in thin metal leaves. Cat owners use it to cover bedroom sets, couches and other furniture to protect it from cats. 


Plastic is unpleasant for cats since they find it hard to sink their claws into its slippery surface. This material is made of polymer and can come in various densities. Plastic protectors are a common option for cat owners who want to protect their furniture or bedroom sets.  

Double-sided sticky tape 

Cats hate to walk on sticky surfaces. To deter them from scratching furniture, you can place double-sided tape on furniture and other items that your cat likes to claw. 


Scratching is an instinctive behavior among cats that cannot be curbed. However, you can prevent your cat from scratching your furniture or personal items by utilizing fabrics that cats hate. These materials include leather, velvet, microfiber, ultrasuede, denim and polyester. Cats do not like to scratch items and furniture with these fabrics since they are durable, sturdy, smooth, and slippery. 

Image: istockphoto.com / Mariia Zotova