How Much Does It Cost To Get A Cat Out of A Tree?

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Cat Out of A Tree?

Cats are famous for being agile climbers. So, why do they get stuck in a tree once in a while? The reason they get stuck in trees is that they find it hard to maneuver down. They have curved, retractable claws and strong hind legs that help them climb up, but they are not designed for climbing down. 

How much does it cost to get a cat out of a tree?

It can cost you anywhere from nothing to around $75 just to get your cat out of a tree. Tree service professionals and animal rescue agencies are the first persons to call during such an emergency. Some may do it for free, such as your local fire department, but they are not always available to respond to such a situation.

Let us get to know these cat rescuers a little more.

Tree Service Professionals 

These professionals are also called arborists. They are trained contractors who focus on tree care, trimming, and removal.  These pros are also reliable cat rescuers. 

These are the reasons why these professionals can save your cat from being stuck in a tree:

  • They are equipped with the right tools to rescue your cat. 
  • They have the proper licenses and insurance to cover potential accidents or injuries.
  • They have solid experience when it comes to handling situations, such as rescuing animals from a tree. 

Interestingly, a man named Dan Kraus started a business called Cat in a Tree Rescue Service, in 1999. The company is an arboreal feline emergency response service. Mr. Kraus utilized his expert tree climbing skills to retrieve cats stuck in trees. From then on, an international online directory was put up in 2003 that helps people locate experienced arborists, tree climbers, and tree service professionals. 

Animal Rescue Agencies

An animal rescue agency or animal control center can also assist you when it comes to rescuing your cat from a tree. These agencies are usually free of charge, but they are not always available to help you with the task. They are also not equipped with the right tools to rescue your cat, especially if she has climbed extremely high. However, since they are usually community-based foundations, they can help you find someone to do the rescue through their networks.

Your Local Fire Department

You can also seek help from your local fire department, and they will do the job free of charge. However, they are not always available to carry out a cat rescue since their primary job is to focus on human emergencies. Firefighters are expected to respond to issues like building, car, and forest fires; automobile accidents; and medical emergencies.

These professionals can carry out a cat rescue due to the following:

  • They have the resources to fund the gas and staff that are needed to respond.
  • They have enough training to rescue a cat from a tree without endangering the lives of their personnel. 

An animal emergency is considered one of the lowest priorities of a fire department based on emergency calls. Nevertheless, firefighters have an active role in communities and are always willing to assist.

Ways to get your cat out of a tree

Here are some fool-proof ways to get your cat out of a tree:

  • Get her down with the use of your hands and a ladder. 
  • Encourage her to get on her litter box or carrier as an alternative way to go down if you do not want to use your bare hands. 
  • Use familiar scents to lure your cat down from a tree. This could be her cat food, soiled or unsoiled cat litter, catnip, tuna, chicken, or familiar bedding and clothing. 
  • Try to wait out your cat and see if she will come down on her own. 

Reasons why your cat is up in a tree

These are some possible reasons your cat is up a tree:

  1. She is chasing small prey like a squirrel. 
  2. Your cat was running away from something, such as a dog. 
  3. She just wants to be up in a tree to get a good view.

Unfortunately, cats are not designed for climbing down. They must climb with their head up to avoid falling, and they cannot climb down headfirst (the exception is the tree ocelot of Mexico and Central America). This proves to be a great challenge for cats, especially for inexperienced indoor cats that are not used to climbing trees

You need to get help as soon as possible if:

  • It is a kitten that is trapped upon a tree.
  • It is an indoor cat that has no climbing skills.  
  • Your trapped cat is declawed. 
  • Your cat is up a tree for more than two days and she is already dehydrated and weak. 
  • The weather is wet, cold, or windy. 
  • Your cat is injured.
  • Your cat’s situation is causing stress in the household. 
  • Wild animals may attack. 
  • Her meows and vocalizations are starting to annoy the neighbors. 

How long can a cat be stuck in a tree?

A cat can get stuck and survive in a tree for over a week. However, she should not be left there for more than 24 hours. She may develop dehydration and malnutrition. 


Getting your cat out of a tree can cost you up to $75. You can ask for assistance from tree service professionals, animal rescue agencies, or your local fire department. However, while the second and third options may be free of charge, they are not always available for pet rescues.