How To Get Cat Hair Off Comforter?

How To Get Cat Hair Off Comforter?

Owning a long-haired cat can be a struggle, since you constantly have to clean up the hair they shed all over your home. Furniture and carpets are often strewn with hair, which can be very unsightly. This article discusses some tips for getting cat hair off your comforter and other areas of your home.

How To Get Cat Hair Off Your Comforter

Wash your comforter in the washing machine.

An effective way to get cat hair off comforters is to run the comforter through the washing machine and dryer. If there is cat hair that was not rinsed away in the washer, it will be caught in the lint trap of the dryer. If you do not want to wash your comforter too frequently, consider placing a light throw blanket over it where your cat lies on the bed.   

Blankets that can be used to cover your comforter

  • Velvet soft blanket – Cats like the fuzzy, inviting texture of this fabric. Try it out for size and see how your cat reacts to it. Try to train your cat to stay on this blanket so that she gets accustomed to it and her hair is confined to this area only. 
  • DIY cat blanket – You can make a blanket for your cat, especially if you are the crafty type. A knitted or fleece blanket is appealing to cats because of its smooth texture.
  • Thin cotton bedspreads – These can be ordered online; just be sure that the size is large enough to cover the entire bed and comforter. These are easy to wash in the washing machine and you do not have to worry about cat hair getting trapped in the cotton threads. 
  • Baby comforters – These baby versions of comforters have a soft, pleasant texture that cats enjoy. 

Add attachments to your vacuum when vacuuming your cat’s fur from the comforter. 

Vacuuming your cat’s hair off the comforter is usually the go-to process, but it is not always that successful. What you need are vacuum attachments made specifically for picking up cat hair.  They fit on the end of the vacuum hose and act like a heavy-duty brush for scraping the hair loose so it can be sucked up more easily. Spray your comforter with static spray if you are in an area with a dry climate or if the fur is extra sticky from static charge.  

Use adhesive tape. 

Adhesive tape is effective at getting cat hair off your comforter, but opt for wide, sturdy tapes like packaging tape or duct tape. The wider the tape, the more cat hair it will remove from the comforter. Hold the ends taut and press and lift the tape repeatedly on the comforter, using a fresh piece of the tape as often as needed. 

Wear rubber gloves and sweep your hands over the comforter. 

A pair of rubber gloves that you normally use for washing dishes is also effective at removing cat hair from comforters. Put the gloves on and simply swipe your hands repeatedly over the comforter.  The gloves should ideally be dry, but if you want to wet them, pat them with a towel to remove any excess water. Keep a towel nearby to wipe the fur from the gloves between swipes. 

Use commercial gadgets. 

There are many options available commercially to remove cat hair from comforters and other household items. These include rubber brushes, adhesive rollers, pumice stones and Velcro-like pads. 

How To Remove Pet Hair Before Washing Your Clothes

  1. Remove as much hair as possible manually, or with the help of a lint roller or adhesive tape. You may also use rubber gloves as mentioned earlier; pet hair sticks to damp rubber. Once done, shake the clothes well. 
  2. Place the laundry in the dryer with one or two dryer sheets. These sheets have anti-static properties that repel cat hair and catch it in the dryer’s lint trap. 
  3. Turn the dryer on for around 10 minutes at low or no heat. Running the laundry through a tumble cycle will loosen the cat hair from the fabric despite the absence of heat. 
  4. Once the dryer stops, remove the laundry and give the clothes a good shake to remove any remaining cat hair. Switch the dryer on again on a normal setting after cleaning out the lint trap. 


Cat hair on your clothes, furniture, carpet and bedding can be an irritating aspect of owning cats. Thankfully, there are effective ways to remove cat hair from all these areas. Get cat hair off your comforter by covering it with a throw blanket, or by using specially-designed attachments on your vacuum cleaner. You can also use adhesive tape, rubber gloves, or commercial gadgets like adhesive rollers and Velcro-like pads.

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