How To Stop Cats Walking On A Fence?

How to stop cats walking on a fence

It can be very frustrating to learn that your garden has been invaded by your neighbor’s cats. This is a perennial problem in residential areas where outdoor cats are also a common sight. Read on for some helpful tips on how to keep other cats from getting inside your property. 

How to stop cats walking on fence?

Here are effective ways to stop cats from walking on your fence:

1. Angle the top of your fence outward. 

Add part of the fence outward so your neighbor’s cats cannot walk on and get over the fence.  However, it may require some discussion and cooperation with your neighbors as it could interfere with their yard. 

Similarly,  you can keep your pet cat from walking on the fence and escaping by placing overhead netting made of chicken wire. It should rest at an inward angle to keep your cat inside the fence parameter and in your yard.

2. Install oscillot fencing above your regular fence. 

Oscillot fencing keeps cats from walking and jumping on your fence. Cats fall back down and cannot gain access to your garden or yard. This type of fencing attaches above regular fencing and rolls when a cat jumps on top. It also helps your pet cat from sneaking out of your property.  

3. Place a two-inch PVC pipe on your fence. 

This alternative is a do-it-yourself take on the oscillot fencing. PVC pipes are impossible for cats to grip and they won’t be able to walk on and go over your fence. See to it that there are no trees or structures nearby that outdoor cats may use to aid them in getting over. 

4. Use a string fishing wire as a barrier. 

Place the string fishing wire tightly at least two inches above the fenceline.  It is mostly invisible for cats and keeps them from walking on and getting over your fence. Keep the wire taut and be sure to string it around the fence securely.  

Other methods to deter cats from walking on the fence

Through the use of scents. 

Certain essential oils can be used as natural deterrents for cats like lemon, lime, orange, citronella and eucalyptus. These oils have strong smells that cats hate. You can mix these oils and spray them on your fence to keep cats from walking on it.  See to it that you reapply the mixture after rain for best results.  

Commercial spray deterrents like Nature’s Mace Cat Repellent are also effective in keeping cats away. 

By placing a double-sided sticky tape. 

Cats do not like any material that sticks to their paws or fur which makes double-sided sticky tape a good cat deterrent.  Place and line it along the top of your fence so cats will avoid walking on your fence. You need to replace it regularly to prevent the buildup of dust, dirt and pests.  The tape method works best on metal and plastic fences but may not be effective for wood ones.  

By installing a motion-activated sprinkler. 

Cats hate getting wet so a motion-activated sprinkler could work to your advantage. Simply place the equipment at the fence’s base or in the yard and position it so that it is pointing at the fence. It automatically goes off and sprinkles water when it senses a cat walking on top of the fence. 

By placing an ultrasonic cat deterrent.

An ultrasonic cat deterrent works by setting off an ultrasonic sound and flashing light when the motion sensor senses the movement of cats approaching the fence within a range of 12 mm and an angle of 100 degrees. It has no chemicals and most brands are solar-powered and waterproof. 

By placing aluminum foil. 

Aluminum foil has a crinkly texture and produces a noise that cats hate which makes it an effective cat deterrent like sticky tape.  Place or nail it along the top of your fence to deter cats from walking on your fence and getting inside your yard. 

By placing cat spikes. 

Cat spikes made of plastic can deter cats from walking on your fence. These spikes or bumps can be nailed to the top of the fence and are not easily visible.  Cats do not like to walk on a fence with these spikes because they do not like the feel of it against their paws.  

Is it illegal to put spikes on a fence to stop cats?

No, it is not illegal to put spikes on a fence to stop cats. All types of cat spikes are considered legal as long as they do not cause harm to cats. These cat spikes are made of blunt plastic, are specially designed and humane options to deter cats.  

Do fence spikes work on cats? 

Yes, it will work on cats but not all the time.  These cat spikes are meant to be safe cat deterrents but they are not always effective since some cats can still walk on the fence and cross the boundary. It can also cause altercations with your neighbors who may be unhappy about spikes that are installed on shared fences. 


You can protect your yard and property from your neighbor’s cats or outdoor cats in general.  Install oscillot fencing or angle the top of your fence outward to prevent them from walking on and getting over the fence. You can also install a motion-activated sprinkler, use a deterrent spray made from essential oils or nail cat spikes along the top of the fence.

Image: / Nils Jacobi