Maine Coon Chirp

Maine Coon Chirp

Maine Coons are known to be more vocal than other breeds and they have various vocalizations such as chirping and trilling aside from the usual meowing and purring.

Maine Coon Chirp: What it is and why cats do it 

Maine Coons love to interact and talk to their humans through vocalizations. Their trademark sounds are the chirp and trill. Chirping is a high-pitched and short sound that denotes happiness. It is similar to a songbird’s warble and it expresses a cat’s needs and emotions. Maine Coons often chirp when they want food, treats or fresh litter. It can also express affection. 

Trilling, on the other hand, is usually made in combination with the chirping.  But, there is a slight difference between these two sounds.  Trilling sounds like a rolling “r” and in the end, it is almost like a question. 

The chirping sound is usually used for greeting, approval, attention and acknowledgment. It is like a high-pitched “hello” of a cat to her owner. DCats also chirp when they see a bird or insect and their hunting instinct kicks in. The cat may actually sound like the bird it is giving its attention to. However, Maine Coons do not only do this with prey. They will also chirp and trill when they play with toys. 

The cat’s body language may reflect her mood. If the sound is accompanied by blinking eyes, swishing tails and with ears up and pointed to the side it means that the cat is in a friendly mood. But if your cat chirps at an unwanted guest like a bird, it may be accompanied by an alert stance and crouched stalking pose along with dilated pupils, sideways pointing ears and an arched back.

What is the difference between the chirp and trill?

Maine Coon chirp is an open mouth sound that the cats also use when they spot prey while the trill is a soft, closed-mouth sound. Chirping is more like a purr-like sound and it almost appears like an extension of the purring sound. However, it is a separate vocalization since purring is rooted in the body while chirping and trilling are produced in a cat’s mouth.   

These are the other reasons why your Maine Coon may chirp and trill:

  • she is hungry 
  • your cat needs your attention 
  • she may be in distress or  some kind of pain 
  • she may be injured
  • your cat may be communicating with another cat

Trilling is usually used by mother cats to get their kittens’ attention or to summon them to follow her. It is also used as a greeting or to garner care,  just as it is with chirping. Determining the tone of a cat’s chirp and trill is essential and as you can observe, the tone may differ when the sounds are used to greet you as opposed to when the cat uses it to entice or pursue their prey like a fly or a bird. 

What does it mean when a cat chirps or trills?

Maine Coons chirp and trill as a manifestation of their friendly, playful and affectionate nature. It also means that  these gentle giants are very attuned to their humans and it is their way of communicating and interacting with you. Maine Coon kittens may trill to express their neediness for their humans as well as their need to interact.  

Are Maine Coons very vocal?

Yes,  Maine Coons are known as one of the vocal breeds around but this does not mean that the sounds they make are very loud. 

Maine Coons usually chirp and trill as they walk with you from room to room and it is their preferred way of interaction. Unlike the Siamese breed which is known for its loud and low-pitched sounds called meezes,  Maine Coons vocalize at a lower volume.

Final thoughts 

Maine Coons are well-loved by their owners because they are friendly, sweet-tempered and affectionate. They also love to interact with their humans through sounds like chirping and trilling. These intelligent felines use these sounds to greet you and express their affection but may also use them when their hunting instinct kicks in. 

Image: / mikeinlondon