Siamese vs Ragdoll

Siamese vs Ragdoll

Siamese cats are famous for their affectionate nature and for being vocal and chatty. Ragdolls are similarly famous, in this case for being good-looking, semi-long-haired cats with mesmerizing blue eyes. Although they share certain similarities, these breeds also have striking differences when it comes to their temperaments and personalities. 

Siamese vs Ragdoll: What are the differences?

They differ in physical appearance. 

These two breeds look entirely different from one another. Siamese cats have lean bodies and shorter, silkier fur, while Ragdolls are semi-long-haired with fluffy fur that requires more grooming. Ragdolls are also bigger, weighing around 12 pounds on average, while most Siamese cats weigh around eight to 12 pounds. The Siamese breed requires less grooming and may be more suited for people with allergies.

They differ in their personalities.

These breeds are poles apart when it comes to personality and temperament. Siamese cats are extroverted, playful and energetic, while Ragdolls are docile, calm and gentle.  Siamese cats seek attention from their humans, and Ragdolls are content to lay around and snuggle in your lap.

Siamese cats prefer to be the center of attention: they will let you know they want your attention through their loud meows and other vocalizations. Meanwhile, Ragdolls are well-behaved and also easy to care for. These gentle cats are referred to as floor cats, rather than jumpers, since they love to flop around on the floor.  

Of the two breeds, the Siamese get along better with dogs, mainly due to their boundless energy. They can match a dog’s energy and the two make great companions. Ragdolls are the complete opposite, preferring to be alone in the household, and do not get along well with dogs. 

Siamese cats are playful, inquisitive and mischievous. They are also sensitive and become easily depressed if they do not get the attention they seek from their humans. Ragdolls, in contrast, are relaxed and independent and do not mind being left alone for certain periods.

They differ in the level of care that they need. 

Siamese cats require a great deal of stimulation and play because they tend to get easily bored. Provide them with food puzzle toys to keep them engaged for some time. They also require affection and physical touch. On the contrary, Ragdolls are more independent and are content just to sit around you or lie on the floor.

They differ in their origins. 

Siamese cats originated from Thailand in the 1300s and first came to the United States in the 1800s, when then-President Rutherford B. Hayes received one of the cats as a gift. Meanwhile, Ragdolls are an American breed that originated in California in the 1960s. This breed is the outcome of cross-breeding Birman, Angora and Persian cats. A big part of the breed’s gentle nature could be due to the blending of these aforementioned breeds.

 Siamese and Ragdoll similarities

  • These two breeds are both sensitive and affectionate. 
  • Both of them have light-colored bodies with darker paws, faces and legs.
  • Both breeds are outspoken, although Siamese cats tend to be more vocal.  
  • Both the Siamese and Ragdoll reeds are very intelligent. 

Ragdoll cats tend to be more interested in their humans than breeds. They greet you at the door and may sleep by your side, and are well-behaved. Their fur requires minimal grooming with a steel comb to remove tangles.  

This breed comes in four patterns: mitted, bi-color, van and colorpoint. Their colors include seal, blue, lilac, red, cream and chocolate. The color points are solid, totie, torbie and lynx. 

Siamese color points include seal point, chocolate point, blue point, lilac or frost point, red/orange or flame point, cinnamon point, lynx point, cream point, caramel point, apricot point, fawn point, tortie point and tabby point.


The differences between Siamese and Ragdoll cats center mainly on their physical appearances, personalities, and required level of care. They also differ in their origins, since Siamese cats originated from Thailand while Ragdolls came from California. The two breeds also share similarities, since both are sensitive, outspoken, affectionate and intelligent. Both also possess light bodies with darker paws, faces and legs. 

Image: / peredniankina