Thai Cat vs Siamese

Thai Cat vs Siamese

The Thai cat is a cat breed from Thailand that is also referred to as Wichien Maat. It is a natural breed, meaning it originated without any human intervention. This breed is also called the old-style Siamese cat breed, and is related to, but distinct from, the Western and modern-style Siamese breeds. While these two breeds are almost the same, some differences are worthy of attention. 

Thai Cat vs Siamese: What Are The Differences?

Thai cats are heavier and taller than their Siamese counterparts. 

Thai cats weigh around eight to 15 pounds, while Siamese usually do not exceed 10 pounds. Likewise, Thai cats can reach up to 23 inches tall when fully-grown, and Siamese cats only reach up to 10 inches tall – almost half the height of Thai cats.

They differ in their physical attributes. 

Thai cats have rounded bodies, thick paws and shorter tails than the Siamese breed. They have apple-shaped heads, and share more attributes with American shorthairs than with Oriental breeds.

Siamese cats have long, lean bodies, wedge-shaped, triangular faces, large ears, slender legs and long tails. This breed has a similar shape to the classic Oriental cat. 

They are slightly different in temperament and personality. 

Thai cats are more friendly toward people in the household, including children and other pets. They can entertain themselves in the absence of their favorite humans. They do tend to be talkative and vocal like Siamese cats, but are less conversational with other cats.

Meanwhile, Siamese cats are clever and can bond strongly with their humans, but they tend to get jealous if they are not given attention. These cats will show you if they dislike you, compared with Thai cats which are more friendly. This breed is very vocal and likes to get involved in whatever you are doing.

Similarities Between Thai and Siamese Cat Breeds 

These breeds have the same origin.

These two cat breeds share the same origin, as both came from Thailand. The Thai cat is often referred to as the old-style, or traditional, Siamese cat breed. After an extended period of breeding, the angular faces and thin bodies became the breed standard for Siamese cats.

They have identical colors. 

The Thai and Siamese cat breeds have the same unique pattern of dark points on a light body. Their body colors range from white to tan, while the ears, face and legs range from smoky tan to chestnut. Both of the breeds also have blue eyes, varying from very light to deep blue. 

Thai Cats: Fun Facts 

Thai cats can grow 11 to 14 inches long and weigh eight to 15 pounds. Their lifespan is 12 to 16 years, and they require weekly brushing to keep their fur smooth and well-maintained. They are curious and people-oriented, and will be friendly to other pets like dogs if given correct socialization and introduction. Their point colors include torbie, tortie and tabby point. 

This cat breed is highly adaptable to various climates, but prefers warmer climates to cold ones. They are a good match for families with small children, but make sure there is proper socialization and that interactions are supervised. 

Siamese Cats: Fun Facts 

These cats can grow 15 to 20 inches long, excluding the tail, and weigh six to 14 pounds. Their lifespan is eight to 15 years, and they only require weekly brushing. They are known for being talkative and demanding, but also very loyal to their owners. They get along well with other pets like dogs if given the right introduction and socialization.


Thai cats and Siamese cats are closely related in many ways, as they share the same origins. Thai cats are referred to as old-style Siamese, and are related to, but distinct from, the modern-style Siamese. The two breeds differ in size and weight, as well as physical attributes. Thai cats have apple-shaped heads while Siamese have triangular or wedge-shaped faces. Their differences in personality and temperament are slight but noticeable; both breeds are vocal, affectionate and playful.

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