Thunderease vs Feliway: What Is the Difference

Thunderease vs Feliway

Scratching, hissing, and fighting are sometimes common in a multi-cat household which create a tense situation for everyone in the house. Territorial aggression also occurs when cats feel that their space is being invaded by new pets or people.

When this happens, they may exhibit destructive behaviors like marking their surroundings using their own urine or scratching furniture or walls. No cat parent wants their home to smell like a litter box or have their favorite furniture scratched.

Synthetic pheromone products can help with this problem. They work by copying the natural feline pheromones produced by cats when they rub their face, urine mark or scratch an area. When these products are applied, they tend to calm cats down, reduce the conflict and fighting between cats, and reduce their destructive behaviors.

Thunderease and Feliway both serve the same purpose i.e. trying to make cats calm and behaved. They are both drug free and safe and it come in different forms such as diffusers, sprays, wipes, paw pads and collars. Both synthetic pheromones are based on a similar technology, but there are also differences between them.

What is the difference between Thunderease and Feliway

Thunderease is designed to not only act as a stress reliever but also to save furniture from getting scratched. One of the main causes of stressful behavior in cats is the introduction of other pets into the home. Since cats are territorial they tend to get stressed as the new cat disturbs their territory thus resulting in unwanted scratching and urinating. If you’ve ever noticed your cat spraying around your home, then this is the diffuser you need.

Try to plug the diffuser in the room where your cat mostly spends her time and watch the difference in behavior. This odorless diffuser covers a 700 square foot zone, which will cover multiple rooms in most houses. It is also completely alcohol and drug- free.

Feliway provides the most popular calming diffusers for cats. It can amplify the cat’s ability to sense their body temperature for comfort and can decrease its stress level.

While Thunderease is odorless, Feliway diffusers have a particular scent. It’s not strong or overpowering though. Most cats respond very well to Feliway. It can also be sprayed on your own hands, clothes and other objects that your cat will interacts with.

There have been some claims of the Feliway diffuser running hot and potentially causing a fire hazard.


Both products are useful in combating anxiety and unwanted behavior of your cat. They have the same objective but at the end of the day it will still depend on your cat since each cat has its own distinct personality. Some brands may be effective on others and some less so.

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