Where Do Cats Like To Sleep?

Where Do Cats Like To Sleep?

Cats are crepuscular animals, meaning they are most active during the hours of dawn and dusk. This explains why they are asleep for most of the day. Felines can sleep up to 16 hours per day, and even more for some.  You can spot them sleeping comfortably anywhere, be it in a hanging bag or in shoes. In this article we discuss where cats like to sleep, and why they like those places.

Where Do Cats Like To Sleep?

They like to sleep in your closets. 

Cats like to snuggle and sleep among the fragrant, clean clothes in your closet. They like soft and fluffy fabric, especially knits. These furballs also like the closet because it is quiet and dark, so they can sleep in peace. The drawback is that you have to put up with clothes covered in cat hair. Similarly, cats love sleeping among the clothes in a laundry basket due to their love of soft fabrics. 

They like to spread out on your computer’s keyboard. 

While they may not have the slightest idea what a computer is, cats are obsessed with sleeping on your keyboard. They like the warmth that emanates from these gadgets, which could be a setback since you won’t be able to work very well on your computer while they are there.

They love to take naps in a backpack or grocery bag. 

Cats like dark, comfy spaces, and a hanging backpack is a very inviting place to them. They also love squeezing into paper bags and grocery bags, as they are curious about the noise and enjoy making themselves “invisible” to humans. 

They want to snooze in the sink. 

Cats can take on the shape of the container they are in, and this applies if they are sprawled in the sink. They may also curl into a ball in a washbasin. 

They like to sleep in their owner’s bed. 

Many cats like sleeping with their humans by snuggling with them in their beds. They like the soft, warm bedding, and the bed is elevated which makes them feel completely safe. They also feel secure in their owner’s bed because they can smell the scent of their human. 

Cats tend to be finicky and aloof, and this can extend to their sleeping habits. Despite some cat owners going all out to select the right cat bed, sometimes it still does not earn their cats’ seal of approval. These felines prefer to hang out or sleep in elevated areas that have good vantage points. 

This stems from their instinct to protect themselves from potential enemies. Their ancestors were hunters that lived in the wild, and their climbing ability allows them to retreat to higher areas such as trees to protect themselves from large predators. 

Cats also like to sleep in small, enclosed spaces, for the protection those offer. They usually prefer cardboard boxes as these allow only one point of entry. Surprisingly, they will switch spots after a few months if the space becomes dirty or if the scent changes. 

Based on surveys, at least 34% of cats prefer to sleep in their owner’s bed, while 22% choose to sleep on furniture and 20% in their cat bed. It was also observed among households that 47% of cats only spend half of the night in their owner’s bed. It was also noted that having a cat in the bed did not help humans to sleep better. 

Common Cat Beds 

Cat cave

This cat bed is designed like a cave to shelter your cats and make them feel safe and secure while they sleep. It is a good choice for kittens and cats that are timid, as well as for those that like to sleep under the covers or under the bed. This bed type is available in an array of styles and size options. 

Orthopedic cat bed 

This bed is designed for older cats and those with joint or mobility problems. It features thick foam and padding which makes it more comfortable than traditional cat beds. Its design is the same, with mattresses that are wide and flat. It eliminates pressure on areas of your cat’s body that are stressed. This bed type is slightly more elevated than the typical cat beds. 

Self-warming cat bed 

This cat bed is a popular choice and cats adore it. It is made with specific materials that reflect the cat’s body warmth, helping them stay warm during winter months. This is the ideal bed for those living in cold countries.


Cats are voracious sleepers that can sleep for 16 hours or more each day, and they have specific preferences when it comes to where they sleep. These furballs like to sleep in dark closets, on computer keyboards and in sinks. They also love backpacks, grocery bags and their owner’s beds.

Image: istockphoto.com / Jasmina81