Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets

Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets

Cats are playful but they can also be unpredictable. They have habits that some may find strange like giving gifts in the form of captured prey, and they manifest some unique behavior like burrowing under blankets.

So, why do cats burrow under blankets? They may be looking for warmth, want to engage you with playtime, or because they find security under the darkness of a blanket. All these make your pet cat adorable although they can be a handful sometimes. 

Reasons why cats burrow under blankets 

Let’s check out the common reasons why they do this strange habit of burrowing under blankets.

1. Cats feel safe under the covers.

Burrowing under the blankets makes cats secured and safe. It’s also a manifestation of their instincts as both prey and predator. Even though they’re already domesticated, cats instinctively look for safe and dark places where they can hide or as a spot from where they can “attack” their prey.

2. They want to keep warm. 

Cats naturally seek a warm place to burrow and snuggle on especially on chilly weather. This may be more observable among breeds that have thin fur, or the hairless kind. However, some cats may burrow under blankets whether the room temperature is cold or hot.

3. Your pet doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Just like humans, your pet cat can also have tantrums, and burrowing in the covers is her excuse to shut everything out. While this may depend on a cat’s breed or over-all character and personality, some cats burrow under blankets and disregard any interaction at certain times of the day. 

4. They want to engage you in playtime. 

A complete opposite to item number 3 above, your pet cat may just want to play with you, that’s why she’s burrowing under the blankets.  This is usually the case if she sees you lying in bed, either in the morning or before going to sleep. Usually, your pet will burrow under the blanket to get your attention, either to invite you to playtime or to receive snuggles and head scratches. 

5. Your cat may have a bush dweller instinct. 

According to PAWS Chicago, a non-profit animal shelter organization based in Chicago, Illinois, cats prefer three types of environment and they’re either a tree, a beach, or bush dweller. Cats that prefer sitting in high places belong to the tree dweller type while cats that love sitting in open spaces are beach dweller types.  If you have a pet cat who loves to burrow under blankets then she’s the bush dweller type. Cats of this type love to stay in places lower to the ground such as under the bed, among potted plants, or under blankets.  

6. She may be feeling anxious and stressed. 

A cat that burrows under blankets may also be anxious or stressed.  Have you moved to a new home lately? Have you added another pet or maybe there’s a new addition to the family like a newborn baby? Changes like these in the household may cause stress and anxiety to your pet cat. Burrowing under blankets will serve as a sort of comfort for her because blankets are heavy and large, and just as weighted blankets give a therapeutic effect to humans, hiding under the covers could help soothe an anxious cat. 

7. Cats may just do it out of routine. 

Some pet cats simply burrow under the sheets out of sheer routine, that’s all. That’s how random these fuzzy felines can be! They may do it just to see how you’d react, while some days they will never go near a bed at all. 

8. She may be feeling sick. 

When a cat burrows under blankets, she may also be telling you that something’s wrong with her. She may want to hide and burrow under the covers to rest and heal because she’s not feeling well.  If she looks pale, lethargic, and showing other signs like not eating or drinking water then you should bring her to the vet at once. 

How to correct your cat’s behavior of burrowing under blankets?

If you’re a pet parent but don’t relish the idea of your pet cat burrowing under your blankets because you’re afraid they may suffocate, then here are a few tricks that you can try.  

Close or lock your bedroom so your pet cat can’t sneak in. 

This is the best thing that you can do to stop your pet kitty from getting inside and burrowing under the blankets. Not only will you free yourself from worries that your cat may suffocate, but it will also save you the trouble of having disheveled, or worse, messy blankets. 

Pile up some pillows or recreate a hiding place with the use of cardboard boxes. 

You can still give her the feel of burrowing under the blankets and sheets by piling up pillows with space just enough for her to crawl and hide on. You may also make “hiding places” for her by assembling some cardboard boxes. Your fuzzy “burrower” will surely appreciate these “dens”.

Place comfy blankets in her cat bed. 

Your pet kitty will never have any reason to venture to your bedroom anymore should she find out that she has comfy blankets only for herself. Hopefully, this will stop her habit of burrowing under your blankets. A good option is the Ompaa Fluffy Blanket for dogs and cats.

Help the cat to calm down by using calming products

If the behavior is caused by anxiety or stress you can try calming products such as Chill Paws CBD Oil for cats.

Final thoughts

Cats will always be cats and burrowing under blankets is an instinct that they usually do to feel safe, to initiate playtime and bond with you, and to keep warm during winter. However, if your pet burrows under the sheets for other reasons like stress or sickness, then don’t hesitate to seek professional help right away and bring her to the vet at once.