Why Do Cats Get In Your Face While You Sleep?

Why Do Cats Get In Your Face While You Sleep

Do you allow your cat to sleep with you in your bedroom at night? Chances are, you may have caught them a few times getting in your face while you sleep. Whether it is to check on you, smell you or snuggle, you can never tell. In this article, we will try to find out why your cat behaves like this and how to dissuade them from doing that. 

Why do cats get in your face while you sleep?

1. She is happy and showing affection.

Cat experts note that cats tend to express their happiness and contentment by purring, cuddling and getting in your face while you sleep. Snuggling up to your face is an expression of affection.

2. She feels safe and secure.

Your cat gets in your face while you sleep because she feels safe and secure being close to you. They cannot easily do this during the day because you are going about life, so they will do it when you are sleeping!

3. To seek comfort and warmth. 

Cats become extra snuggly during cold and wintry weather and when temperatures drop, expect your cat to get in your face and snuggle up as you sleep.  

4. To mark her territory. 

Your cat is marking her territory and claiming you as part of her family. She can do this more easily if you are sleeping. 

5. She is trying to get your attention. 

She may be waking you up because she wants to play with you. Cats are naturally curious and want to be part of everything you do, including sleeping.

6. It has become a habit.  

Your cat could be getting in your face while you sleep because they are already used to doing it and it has become a habit. They may have started doing it as a kitten and are naturally continuing to do so as an adult. 

Some cats may also prefer to crawl onto your pillow and sleep close to your face as they feel safer and they won’t get squashed. It also allows them to feel warm and enjoy the scent of your hair. 

How do I stop my cat from getting in my face while I sleep?

Having your cat get in your face while you sleep may look cute but it could also mean restless nights. 

Here are means to keep them from getting in your face while you sleep:

  • See to it that they have access to a litter box. 
  • Provide toys and a cat tree in a clear space. 
  • Place fresh water and a supply of dry food or kibbles overnight. 
  • Dim the lights. 
  • Play with your cat at least an hour before bedtime to tire them out. 
  • Restrict their access to the bedroom and keep the door closed or locked so they cannot sneak in. 

Is it dangerous for a cat to sleep close to my face?

Yes, it could be. They could restrict your breathing, or leave dirt or debris from the litter box on your pillow or bed. Your cat could also be carrying parasites like fleas that bite humans and cause allergic reactions and dermatitis. Cats should be kept away from small children and should not be allowed to sleep near them. 

Why does my cat touch my face when I’m sleeping?

Your cat is touching your face because they trust you. Cats are vulnerable when they sleep. When they snuggle up to you and touch your face with their paws, it is a sure sign of trust and security. This also means the same thing when they are sleeping and stretching their paws to reach out to your face. 


Cats may seem aloof but they are very affectionate, too.  They get in your face while you sleep to express their happiness and contentment. They could also be doing it because they feel secure, to seek warmth or attention and to mark their territory. 

Image: istockphoto.com / FamVeld