Why Do Cats Like The Bathroom?

Why Do Cats Like The Bathroom?

Cat owners find it spooky when their cat follows them into the bathroom or the toilet. While many cats love to follow their humans around, some develop a special fondness for the bathroom. In this article, we discuss the reasons cats like the bathroom and why they love to hang around it if you are inside. 

Why Do Cats Like The Bathroom?

Cats see the bathroom as a playroom. 

Cats love to play, climb and jump around, and to them the bathroom is a worthy playroom. They adore toilet rolls, and the tub is an inviting spot to spin around. They may also tinker with the sink and play near the toilet bowl. Regardless of whether or not you are in there with them, cats will find ways to have fun in this room.   

They become extra curious if they see closed doors. 

Since cats are naturally curious, they tend to resent closed doors.  This includes closed bathroom doors, which only make cats more determined to get inside. Cats want to be aware of everything that is happening in their “territory”, and if they had their way they would never allow closed doors.

They get a lot of attention if they are in the bathroom with you.

Cats have figured out that they have your full attention if they accompany you while you’re sitting on the toilet. As creepy as it may seem, your cat will sit and stare at you as you do your business. Your cat also seems to know that you are trapped there for a certain time, making it easier than usual to get your attention. Some cats also accompany their owners while the latter take a bath, as they are fascinated by the sound of running water.

They like to hang out in the sink.

Cats are notorious for finding absurd places to sleep, and the sink is no exception. They like the rounded sides, as this cradles their body.  They also like to lounge in bathroom sinks because of their coolness, which feels good against their warm fur. During cooler months, their body warms up the sink, making it extra cozy to sleep there. Some cats also like to lick water from the faucet while sitting in the sink. 

They like to be near water. 

Most cats hate getting wet, but do not mind being near or around water. They are fascinated with fresh, running water and will willingly go to the sink every time they hear or see running water there.  Some cats may also go near the shower, lick the shower curtain or drink the water.

They like routines. 

Cats are creatures of habit and following you to the bathroom every morning may become part of their daily ritual, too. They may also be anticipating mealtime, especially if your cat learns that you go to the kitchen after going to the bathroom.

They are intrigued by everything you do because they love you. 

Cats like the bathroom because it smells a lot like you. They also like to watch your every move as you brush your teeth, wash your face or take a shower. They are curious and inquisitive, and seeing you do all those things never fails to pique their interest.   

Cats may also like to hang around the bathroom because the sink vanity acts as a great perch, or lookout. That area provides a convenient spot for face-to-face interaction between your cat and you while you are in the shower or using the toilet. It gives them a sense of control over the interaction, especially if you are trapped on that magic seat.

Some cats also love to sit on their human’s lap to get their undivided attention, or snuggle into their clothes or undies on the bathroom floor. 


Cats have a special affinity for bathrooms because they are a place their owners frequently go, especially in the morning. They also see the bathroom as a playroom and a place where they can have your full attention. Cats may also hang out in the bathroom because they like to be around water, because the sink is a comfortable place to sleep, or to let you know they love you by taking an interest in everything you do.

Image: istockphoto.com / Luis Lopez Latorre