Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband

Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband

Your cat kneads you because she feels secure and shares a bond with you. She also sees you as her caretaker and mother. In the truest sense of the word, she kneads you because she needs you and your loving care. 

Why does my cat knead me but not my husband?

If you’re wondering why your cat only kneads you but not your husband or any other household members there are a couple of possible reasons:

Your pet cat kneads you because she feels bonded to you

The kneading behavior of cats is closely related to feelings of comfort, security, and calmness. A cat doesn’t just knead anyone, she kneads a special someone whom she associates these feelings with as well as positive emotions and that’s you!  It’s because she feels closely bonded to you because of how you make her feel that’s why you have the special honor of being the recipient of her kneads. It is basically a way for a cat to show affection.

Your feline pet kneads you because you’re her main caretaker

Your pet cat kneads you because you’re the one who’s usually the one feeding, grooming, and playing with her. You’re also the one who’s most often cleaning her litter box, compared to your husband who’s often away at work. Because you’re always her constant companion she sees you as her main caretaker and the one she’s most strongly bonded to. 

Your kitty kneads you because she sees you as her mother

Cats knead way back when they were kittens and they do it when they suckle milk from their mother. If you’re the recipient of your cat’s kneads then it may be because she regards you as her mother just as you’re also her caretaker. 

Your furry friend kneads you because you sit and keep still unlike your husband

Kneading can be hypnotic for a cat and so she wants to be focused while doing this but she can’t do it well if the person he’s kneading is moving or won’t keep still. That’s why she may prefer you and not your husband because it may be that you always give her your full attention, unlike  your husband who seems to be always on the go. Maybe your cat notices him going about in the home tinkering with some tools, or out in the backyard with the lawnmower that’s why she prefers you because you give her your full attention. 

It may be because your feline friend prefers the type of material you’re wearing

Another reason why your cat chooses to knead you is because of what you’re wearing. Cats are drawn to fluffy wool materials which you may also be fond of wearing that’s why she kneads you and not your husband who may almost always be in a business suit or spandex clothing if he’s the sporty type. 

Your pet cat adores your scent that’s why she’s kneading you

Cats are very particular with scents and one reason she kneads you is that she’s drawn to your scent and it makes her calm and relaxed.  It could be your natural scent or maybe you’re wearing a particular cologne or perfume that your pet cat particularly likes that’s why she kneads you and not your husband. 

Your pet cat kneads you because she wants to take a nap on you

Kneading and napping are two typical cat behaviors that are interrelated. It’s a known fact that cats in the wild knead a particular spot or resting area before lying down and sleeping to ensure that it’s safe and comfortable to sleep on.  Similarly, your cat may be kneading you because she’s preparing to take a nap and she chose to knead you, not your husband  because you’re the most secure and comfortable “place” that she can find to have some snooze time on. A cat’s kneading somehow reminds us of a person fluffing the pillows as one prepares to sleep. 

Why do cats knead?

Kneading is considered a common cat behavior wherein they push their front paws in and out, alternating the left and right paws. It’s often called “kneading dough” or “making biscuits” and cats usually do this on pillows, blankets, animals, or people. Cat experts attest that this is a leftover behavior that cats have from their kittenhood. As commonly observed, kittens would knead the area surrounding their mother’s teats to promote the flow of milk during nursing time.

It’s also believed that this behavior goes back to the time when cats were not yet domesticated. During such a time, wild cats patted or smoothened foliage to prepare a spot for sleeping or giving birth. Moreover, the behavior is also believed to be a cat’s way to claim territory by marking their scent on a particular area or surface. 

Why do cats knead air?

You may have noticed that there are times your cat will knead air if you’re petting them and they’re on their back. Cats do this because they feel relaxed and they like what you’re doing to them. It’s akin to a dog’s scratch reflex when they kick their legs around repeatedly while lying down during playtime. A cat kneading air during your playtime may also be a display of affection and “cuteness” to charm you more.

What to do if your cat kneads you but you don’t like it?

While your cat kneading you may look cute and endearing it’s not always the case especially if it’s midnight and you’re in the middle of deep slumber. There may also be times when your cat will accidentally injure you with their claws while kneading you. 

Here’s what you can do to stop your cat from kneading you if it’s already annoying and irritating for you:

  • try to distract her with treats and toys 
  • place her in a lying position and she’ll likely end up napping 
  • lock the bedroom door so she can’t come in
  • place some of your pillows or blankets outside your room so she can still detect your scent while learning to sleep away from you

What to do if your cat keeps on kneading?

If your pet cat has a penchant for kneading don’t worry. It’s a normal cat behavior and vets reassured that there are no side effects or negative health consequences if a cat is always kneading. You should be glad instead because a cat that kneads is relaxed, happy, and contented. 

Final thoughts 

Your pet cat kneads you because she feels strongly bonded to you and feels secure with you.  She also kneads you because she sees you as her mother and caretaker who feeds and plays with her. While your pet kitty may like your husband and even head bunt him she chooses you to knead on and not him because it’s with you where she finds utter warmth and comfort.