Why Does My Cat Like My Feet?

Why Does My Cat Like My Feet

Cats sometimes have a penchant for sniffing, licking, and biting the feet of their owners. If you are clueless about why your cat tends to do this, read on to discover why your cat fancies your feet. 

Why does my cat like my feet?

These are the reasons why your cat likes your feet:

1. She mistakes your feet as prey. 

Have you noticed your cat following your every move and acting as if she is about to pounce on your feet? This is due to her instinct to hunt and play.  Since your feet move and wiggle while you lie in bed, your cat may mistake it as a mouse or small prey.  

2. She is smelling you. 

Your cat’s sense of smell helps her in identifying people and objects. Smelling your feet is her way of checking if it is indeed you. This may seem awkward, but for cats, the smellier the better. This means they will have more of your scent to identify.   

Your cat does not stop at smelling though. She will sniff and lick your feet, too! She finds your scent calming, relaxing, and comforting. She also identifies with your scent since she regards you as her owner.  

3. She likes the taste of your feet. 

Your cat could be obsessed with your feet because she likes the taste of them. It does not mean she likes to eat your toes, nor is she grooming you.  She just cannot get enough of your salty sweat! 

4. She is showing her love for you. 

Is your cat fond of staying near or sleeping on your feet? It could mean she is expressing her love and affection.  Since your feet are the most accessible part of your body, she stays near your feet to show affection. It can become annoying sometimes. You could fall or trip if she tends to block your way. 

Ways to Stop Your Cat from Licking Your Feet 

Here are ways to discourage your cat from licking your feet:

  • Rub lemon juice or a lavender/citrus-infused essential oil or lotion on your feet since cats hate those smells. 
  • Do not give her attention. 
  • Discourage or stop her by saying “No” or making a sound to let her know that you do not like it. 
  • Spritz her with water to deter her from excessively licking your feet. 

What does it mean when my cat licks my feet?

Your cat licks your feet since she is grooming you. For her, you are part of her family or clan. Cats are social groomers, and they perform allogrooming as a means of bonding. She may also lick your feet to show her affection or because she likes the salty taste of your feet.   

Why do cats love feet so much?

Cats love feet so much since they can smell and identify your scent through the pheromones secreted by the sweat glands. With their superior sense of smell, cats can detect your scent well and validate your identity as their owner. Interestingly, cats react to human pheromones in sweat just as they would to catnip, which contains an ingredient that imitates feline pheromones. 

Why does my cat hug my feet?

Your cat is hugging your feet as a sign of affection. She may also find the thin skin on your feet appealing. She may also think that your leg is a tree or post that she can climb on. 

Be extra cautious as your cat may have also mistaken your feet as prey. Other cat owners believe that cats hug their owner’s feet because they want to play with them. 


Felines like the feet of their owners because of the salty taste of sweat. They can also identify your scent through the pheromones secreted by the sweat glands. They may also chase your feet as a sign of affection or an expression of their predatory instinct. 

Image: istockphoto.com / sabyna75