Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom?

Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom?

The longer you are a fur parent to your cat, the more you learn to anticipate when they like to do things like eating, using the litter box, playing and sleeping. You know when they want you to touch them and when they want you to just leave them alone. It’s just like a relationship you have with a person, the more time you spend together, the more you learn about each other.

One of your cat’s habits that you learn is where they like to sleep. Some splay across the floor like they own the entire apartment, others like to squeeze into tight spaces and boxes, while other seem to have a preference for bathrooms. 

In this article, we will solve the mystery of why cats love to lay their head down in bathrooms.

Closed bathroom doors pique your cat’s curiosity

Cats are inherently very inquisitive and territorial. They always want to be able to uncover all the hidden corners of your apartment or house. They spend their days milling about and just going in and out of every single room in your home.

In most houses, the bathroom door is kept closed. A cat’s desire to always have access to the whole house makes it even more determined to see the inside of your bathroom. For them, it is a new kingdom just waiting to be conquered.

As time goes by, your cat will understand that you keep your door closed and will wait for the next time you open it and grab the opportunity. 

The bathroom is like a giant playroom for your cat

Since bathroom doors are usually kept closed, when cats do get the chance to slide in  they are treated to a, sort of, jungle gym for cats.

There are toilet rolls to bat at with their paw. There’s the tub and sink to run and spin around in. Towel and robes hanging on hooks on the wall to play with. The floormat or rug on the floor is soft and satisfying to lay on.

They can entertain themselves in the bathroom for hours if they want to. But it can get messy very quickly. Their sharp claws can shred the toilet paper or your cat might even leave you a smelly present in your tub or sink. So, keeping the bathroom door closed when you aren’t home, is the right thing to do.

Cats are drawn to the sound of water

Cats, generally, don’t want anything to do with water, except to drink it. But did you know that cats are attracted to the sound of running water? The constant turning on and off of faucets in the bathroom will intrigue your feline friend.

Cats may not be big fans of baths, but they like to feel the water as it flows down from the faucet. They may use their paw to play with the water or they might even drink directly from the tap. Just be sure to lower the flow of the water so your kitty won’t have a hard time drinking directly from the tap.

Cats love the water in the bathroom so much that they sometimes lick the sides of the tub or the wet floor. Just be sure to secure the toilet seat so they won’t even think of drinking from it.

Sinks are just like cat beds

Cats sleeping in sinks is an entire category of adorable cat pictures on the internet for a reason. The shape of a rounded bathroom sink is just like a cat bed. The curves are perfect for a comfortable sleeping area for your kitty. The cool sink is a godsend for your cat during the summer months, while the cat’s body warmth will even out the sink’s coolness and make it a cozy bed in the fall and wintertime. 

The sink is raised above the floor, so it is an ideal spot for cats to perch on because they are able to look down to survey the whole room. This plays into their innate instinct to always be aware of the presence of predators or intruders by choosing a sleeping spot that has good visibility.

The bathroom is one of the quietest places in the house

Just like humans, cats love to sleep in a place with peace and quiet. They hate being constantly woken up by the sounds of a passing car or the loud chatter of people. 

The bathroom usually has the smallest window in the house, which minimizes the entry of outside sounds. That is one of the reasons why cats have no problem taking long naps in the bathroom. They have a cozy place to lay down on and the probability of a sound disturbance is lower.

Your bathroom time is a great chance for your cat to get attention

When your cat has memorized your daily routine, they’ll soon be able to catch you as you go into the bathroom. When your cat is in the mood for their daily need for pets and hugs, they may ambush you while you are on the toilet, literally, with your pants down.

Your cat knows that when you are on the toilet, you won’t be moving for the next couple of minutes. So, they think that they might as well rub up on your legs or roll around of the floor and anticipate belly rubs.

Your bathroom reminds your cat of you

The bathroom is full of your smells, good and bad. Cats smell 14 times better than humans. Your cat adores you, and especially when you aren’t home, they’ll lounge around in the bathroom just to enjoy your smells. Sometimes they just want to be near you, so they’ll climb up onto the sink to watch you brush your teeth and get ready in the morning.

Image: istockphoto.com / marieclaudelemay