Constipated Kitten Triangle Method

Constipated Kitten Triangle Method

Kittens often have problems with constipation especially when moving from milk to solid food. Here are the steps to follow when performing the triangle method to ease your kitten’s constipation:

1. Prepare the things that you will need to administer the triangle method. 

To perform the triangle method on your constipated kitten, you need to prepare cotton pads, warm water and a container or cloth to catch the poop. Once your cat grows older, you can also stimulate and do the triangle method on her litter box so she will get used to it. 

2. Administer the triangle method after her meal. 

Once your kitten finishes her meal, hold her in the midsection and rub her backside with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.  Rub in a circular or side to side motion through a triangular formation of your fingers, thus, the triangle method. 

3. Continue administering the triangle method until your kitten has pooped. 

Keep on doing the triangle method to your kitten until she has pooped and emptied her bladder.  You will see that she is going to poop because there is some pressure and effort on the abdomen.  Check if her urine is dilute yellow and if the poop is brownish-yellow and slightly firm. These are the indications that your kitten is healthy and has no health issues.

4. Clean your kitten’s backside

It is important to clean your kitten’s backside well to avoid any risks of infection.  

Kittens should normally poop twice a day when they are around two to three weeks old. This will increase to three times a day once they start to eat more when they reach four to five weeks old. Stimulate your kitten after every meal so she will avoid constipation. 

Once your kitten reaches four weeks old she can be trained to use the litter box. Allow her easy access to the litter box by providing walkways along the sides. Some cat owners recommend stimulating your kitten over the litter box as it guarantees a smooth transition. 

How can I help my constipated kitten?

Having a constipated kitten can be worrisome but there are home remedies you can try before consulting your vet. Here are some measures that you can do to help your constipated kitten:

  • add water to her food to keep her hydrated 
  • massage her belly 
  • encourage her to play, jump and run around to stimulate intestinal activity
  • add a teaspoonful of canned pumpkin to her food to increase fiber intake 

If after doing the above measures your kitten is not pooping yet, bring her to the vet.  Your vet may inject her with fluids to hydrate her, administer an enema and do some X-rays to check for any intestinal blockage. 

Ways to prevent your cat from becoming constipated

Here are some ways to keep your cat from becoming constipated:

  • keep her hydrated by feeding her canned food and giving her enough fresh water
  • bring your kitten to the vet for regular deworming sessions to prevent parasite infestation which could cause intestinal blockage 
  • keep small objects out of your kitten’s reach as she may eat them and cause blockage in her stomach 
  • brush her fur regularly so she won’t likely develop hairballs that cause constipation
  • if your kitten is not yet weaned and she is together with her mother, assist the mother cat in stimulating the kitten so she will poop regularly 

Why do kittens struggle to poop?

These are the common reasons why kittens struggle to poop and become constipated:

  1. Your kitten is dehydrated since she is only consuming mostly dry food, does not have easy access to a water bowl or is not drinking enough water .
  2. She has ingested hairballs due to consistent grooming.
  3. She ate something that obstructed her intestines or stomach and this could be a floss, button, hair tie or small round objects.
  4. She has worms and internal parasites.
  5. She has a medical condition like a neurological or nerve disease, a hernia or a tumor.

Symptoms of kitten constipation 

Here are the common symptoms of a constipated kitten:

Can I give my kitten olive oil for constipation?

Yes,  you can give olive oil to your kitten for constipation. It is a natural cure for kitten constipation, has a laxative effect and aids in curing hairballs. It is safe for kittens and cats. If your kitten has not pooped in over a day give her olive oil orally, at least three drops per ounce of body weight.  

You can also give olive oil to your kitten to keep her fur shiny and soft and as a hairball cure.

Image: / BiancaGrueneberg