How To Get A Cat To Leave You Alone?

How To Get A Cat To Leave You Alone?

You sincerely love your cats but sometimes they tend to be overreacting and too clingy for comfort. They may get in the way while you are busy with house chores or while doing some last-minute reports on your computer. Truth is, cats can become a nuisance sometimes as they want to follow you around and want to get involved with everything that you do. 

How to get a cat to leave you alone?

Here are effective ways to make a cat leave you alone:

1. Ignore her.

Giving your cat attention and cuddles is vital to form a deep bond with her, but it’s another thing when she starts to follow you around although you are busy in the kitchen or if you are working from home. If your cat goes overdrive with this, give her the silent treatment and ignore her. Remember, it is okay to say no to her once in a while.  If she still won’t leave you alone, try to avoid making eye contact with her. Eventually, your cat will walk away if she does not get any response from you. 

2. Do not give her table scraps. 

Food is a sure magnet for cats just as it is with dogs and if you start giving her bits of food while you are eating at your dining table, your cat will expect more food from you. As a result, she will hound you and follow you around to beg for more food. To avoid this scenario, do not give her table scraps and feed her only during her scheduled mealtime. 

3. Set boundaries. 

You dearly love your cat but at the same time you should also not hesitate to set boundaries for her.  If you are working from home, be sure that you have a separate room as your workplace where your cat cannot get into. During mealtime, it may also be a good idea to keep your cat in another room or area of the house so she cannot disturb the family while eating.

4. Get another cat or pet. 

This may take time and lots of patience but it is usually worth it. Getting a new cat or another pet like a dog may be the solution so your cat will leave you alone and not become too needy. Sometimes cats tend to become clingy because they are bored.  However, it may take some time to get the pets properly introduced to each other.  Once they become acquainted and develop a bond your cat will not pester you as much since she already has a playmate and companion.

5. Distract her with toys.

Cats are playful and energetic and they need to be active to burn all the extra energy. They may follow you around since they do not have anything else to do. The solution? Distract her with toys.  

It does not have to be pricey or complicated, a cardboard box or a plastic ball may do. But if you want to spoil her further, you may like to check out these cat toys:

6. Assess your cat’s health. 

Sometimes, cats tend to act strange and if you are wondering why your cat suddenly becomes extra clingy and won’t leave you alone, be cautious. This could be a symptom of your cat feeling ill and she is trying to tell you that something is not right with her. Do a physical check-up and look out for wounds, injuries and other abnormalities. Does she have a noticeable limp or does she whimper when you hold her paws or a particular part of her body? I

7. Provide safe sanctuaries for your cat at home. 

Another reason why your cat won’t leave you alone is that she cannot find a comfy place to hang out in. Cats love to take naps throughout the day so make sure to provide her with a comfy bed in a secluded area at your home.  Consider placing a cat perch on a window so she can do some sightseeing or install a cat tree and place some blankets at specific parts so your cat can relax in an elevated space. Teach and encourage her to use these sanctuaries and if she does, praise her and give her treats. 

8. Make sure your cat is well-fed.

Your cat may be following you because she is hungry. Try to assess the food portions that you are giving her and consult your vet on the recommended serving size for each meal. This way, you can make sure that your cat is eating right and that she feels full after every meal.

9. Use a deterrent spray.

Does your cat have this uncanny habit of following you and getting up the counter while you are busy in the kitchen? You can keep your cat away from certain areas such as the kitchen counter or your workspace by using a deterrent spray containing a scent or smell that cats hate. Sprays using essential oils like eucalyptus, citronella and lavender keep your cat away from counters and other areas.

10. Make loud noises. 

Cats abhor loud noises as they tend to be skittish so use this to your advantage if you want your cat to leave you alone. This is also useful if you want to train your cat to avoid a certain behavior.  Repeatedly making loud noises each time they do something that is not agreeable is an effective way to train her not to do it again. Cats are smart and will eventually associate the loud noises with certain unwanted behavior, such as following you around and becoming too clingy. 

11. Maintain a schedule or routine with your cat. 

Cats tend to become needy and won’t leave you alone when there are disruptions in their routine.  They thrive on routine and a slight change in the schedule they are used to may cause stress and anxiety.  These changes may be in the form of a home remodeling, or you may have moved furniture around in your home. There may also be a new addition to the family like a new baby or relative. 

To correct this, avoid any abrupt changes in your home and maintain a constant schedule when it comes to your cat’s mealtimes and activities. Your cat will eventually learn when to expect her meals and when to go to sleep, among other things. 


Cats are adorable and a source of joy but they can also be a nuisance if they become extra clingy and won’t leave you alone. To correct this, be sure to set boundaries, distract her with toys and make sure she is well-fed. Be extra observant as your cat may also be stressed, anxious or has an underlying medical or health issue.

Image: / Zbynek Pospisil