Is Buttercup Poisonous to Cats and Dogs?

Buttercup Plant

The Buttercup is poisonous for both cats and dogs.

Typical symptoms include anorexia, depression, diarrhea, hypersalivation, seizures, tremors, vomiting and wobbly gait.

Buttercup can be perennial, biennial, herbaceous, aquatic or terrestrial plants, They are known to have extremely tough and tenacious roots and are considered as invasive weeds. They are characterized with leaves in a rosette at the base of the stem. Buttercups usually flower in the spring, but flowers may be found throughout the summer.

The scientific name for this plant is Ranunculus spp. Additional name for this plant include Butter Cress, Figwort, Spearworts and Water Crowfoots.

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