Is Kalanchoe Poisonous to Cats and Dogs?


The Kalanchoe is poisonous for both cats and dogs.

Typical symptoms include abnormal heart rhythm, diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting and weakness.

Kalanchoe is a succulent flowering plant and genus of 125 species. Some of its species are from Madagascar and  southern and eastern Africa. These plants are the food plant of the caterpillars. Kalanchoe plants are cultivated as ornamental houseplants and  succulent garden plants.

The scientific name for this plant is Kalanchoe spp. Additional name for this plant include Chandelier Plant, Christmas Kalanchoe, Devils Backbone, Flaming Katy, Florist Kalanchoe, Madagascar Widow’S-Thrill, Mother-In-Law-Plant and Mother Of Millions.

Image: / Tatyana Abramovich

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