Is Nephthytis Poisonous to Cats and Dogs?


The Nephthytis is poisonous for both cats and dogs.

Typical symptoms include difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, excessive drooling, oral irritation, pain, increased respiratory rate, swelling of mouth, tongue and lips, and vomiting.

The Nephthytis is commonly called as arrowhead vine, arrowhead plant, goosefoot, African evergreen, or arrowhead philodendron and native to a wide region of Latin America . They are cultivated as houseplant and the most cultivated one among their genus. They are a creeper plant which needed support and can also be grown as a groundcover plant.

The scientific name for this plant is Syngonium podophyllum. Additional name for this plant include American Evergreen, African Evergreen, Arrowhead Plant, Arrowhead Philodendron, Arrow-head Vine, Goosefoot, Green Gold Naphthysis, and Trileaf Wonder.

Image: / Pro2sound

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