Is Stinking Chamomile Poisonous to Cats and Dogs?

Stinking Chamomile

The Stinking Chamomile is poisonous for both cats and dogs.

Typical symptoms include allergic reactions, anorexia, bleeding, contact dermatitis, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

Stinking chamomile is a flowering annual plant with a noticeable and strong odor. In pre-colonial times, its distribution was limited to the Old Continent and Africa; though it was established in most of Europe, it was not present in Finland, Ireland, or the northernmost reaches of Scotland, in spite of the fact that these countries feature climatic regions favorable to this plant and are in proximity to countries where the species is native, such as Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and England. It has successfully migrated to the New Europes where it can be found growing in meadows, alongside roads, and in fields.

The scientific name for this plant is Anthemis cotula. Additional names for this plant include Camomille Puante, Cotula Maruta Foetida, Chigger-weed, Dog-daisy, Dog-finkle, Johnnyweed, Maroute, Manzanilla Loca, Maruta Cotula, Mayweed, Mather, Pig-sty-daisy, Poison Daisy, and Wild Chamomile.

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