Is Tulip Poisonous to Cats and Dogs?


The Tulip is poisonous for both cats and dogs.

Typical symptoms include depression, diarrhea, hypersalivation, lethargy, loss of coordination, vomiting and weakness.

Tulips boasts its large and brightly colored flowers that usually comes in pink, red, white and yellow. Its name is believed to be derived from a Persian word  “turban” as it resembles it. It is a native to Southern Europe and Central Asia but eventually spread to various regions. They are dormant in the summer and flowers in the spring, emerging from the ground since a shoot underground grows in early spring. They belong to the lily family, Liliaceae with 75 species divided among four subgenera.

The scientific name for this plant is Tulipa spp. Additional name for this plant include Didier’s tulip and Garden Tulip.

Image: / kruwt

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