Why Do Cats Walk on You While You Sleep?

Why Do Cats Walk on You While You Sleep?

When you’ve lived with cats for a while, you become somewhat accustomed to their “weird” behaviors. One good example is walking on you while you sleep. Why do they do it? What does it mean when they walk on you?

Why Do Cats Walk on You While You Sleep?

Cats can walk on you for the following reasons:

1. They like to stay warm.

Their utmost goal is to keep themselves warm. This is true, especially when you have kittens. The person who they trust most is their owner – their safe spot. The heat from your body provides them the the warmth they need.

2. They have the need to knead.

Another reason is their need to knead. There are scent glands present on their paws, and kneading will release their unique scent. We, humans, are not able to smell it, but other pets can. This implies that cats mark their owners as their territory.

3. They want your attention.

Cats tend to walk on you at certain times, like when it is 1 a.m., or when you settled on the sofa after a tiring day. Ironically, cats want to be left alone most of the time but want your attention when you are about to rest. Oh well, cats are cats. When they are seeking your attention, they want it now.

4. They love you.

You are their favorite person, and one of the most adorable reasons they walk on you while you sleep is because they love you, and they want to be near you. This is true, especially when you are out of the house the whole day because of work, school or running errands. Your rest time is also their chance to spend time with you.

Can You Stop Cats from Walking on You?

There will be moments when you want to have a good night’s sleep without your cats walking all over you. Although you can’t completely prevent it, there are ways when you can lessen it.

1. Train your cat to remain outside of your room when night comes.

You can close the door at night, so your cat can’t go inside. However, there is a chance that your cat might scratch the door or meow frequently. If that happens, you might want to think of something else.

2.  Place your cat on the ground or right next to you whenever they start walking on you.

Do it gently and never yell at them. You have to be persistent, patient, and kind.

3.  Buy or make a cat bed.

Choose a bed that has a soft texture that your cat will surely love. It should also give your cat a sense of security, which is an excellent way to get them off your belly.

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4.  Place something your cat can scratch next to your bed.

It can be a scratching tree or post. Place it next to your bed, so your cat is still close to you but not on walking on you.

5.  Put a baby gate down the hall.

The gate will keep your cat away from the door of your bedroom. However, this situation can make your cat a little noisier while they are getting used to it.

If you love the fact that your cat is walking on you while you’re resting, don’t bother doing the things mentioned above. Just let them be. You’re still their best “security blanket” anyway.

Things Cats Do to Show That They Love Us

Yes, cats can be aloof at times, but that doesn’t mean they can’t show affection. They have their ways of showing us they do love us.

1.  Rolling around

Kids roll around during tantrums, but it’s the other way around when cats do it. Cats are delighted to see you; that’s why they roll around the floor.

2.  Purring

Purring is probably the most familiar gesture of cats to manifest their love. You often hear them purr while petting them. Purring is this little vibrating, and rumbling noise cats do when they’re enjoying something.

3.  Hunting prey and gifting it to you

Don’t get surprised when your cat brings you a mouse. Yes, it can be scary on your part, but it’s a manifestation of love for your cat. Let’s not forget that cats have hunter instincts, and they typically share their catch with those they adore and love.

4.  Kneading

Cats knead when they feel loved, relaxed, and content. When your cat kneads on your abdomen, it merely means that they are marking their territory. The soles of their feet emit a unique scent that other pets can smell.

5.  Bunting

When cats rub their cheeks or head on an object or person, it’s called bunting. Just like kneading, it will leave a unique scent on you. When your cat does this to you, you’ll know you’re loved.

6.  Upright tail

Have you noticed that your cat’s butt elevates when you pet them? This is also a signal of their adorable love for you. This gesture starts when they are still kittens – showing respect to their mother by greeting her with their tails flagged high. Adult cats make this gesture to their favorite person.

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