Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me To The Bathroom?

Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me To The Bathroom

Despite being fiercely independent animals, some cats can actually be quite clingy toward their owners or other favorite humans. They want to be the center of attention and, to achieve this, they will follow their owners all over the home and even into the bathroom. If you have a cat that likes to follow you to the bathroom, read on to understand some of the possible reasons for this. 

Why does my cat always follow me to the bathroom?

1. She may be feeling vulnerable. 

Cats are aware that they are considered prey by certain animals, despite being predators themselves, and this could be one of the reasons your cat is always following you. She may have moments when she feels vulnerable and afraid of an attack by an unknown predator. 

Your cat sees you as a source of comfort and safety, and when you disappear somewhere she might feel less safe. She may therefore stick by your side to feel protected.

2. Your cat is protecting her territory. 

Your cat considers your home her territory, and this includes the bathroom. She will want to know everything that happens within her territory, and will also want to make sure you are not doing anything that could put her territory at risk. As smaller predators, cats bury their feces so they do not attract the attention of large predators, and by following you to the bathroom, your cat may be trying to ensure that you do the same. 

3. Your cat believes she can have all your attention in the bathroom. 

Cats quickly learn that humans cannot go anywhere once they are sitting in that small, strange, wet room. They realize that their humans are now a captive audience, and they can get all the attention they want.

4. Your cat loves you. 

Following you to the bathroom could be your cat’s way of telling you that she loves you. This room is full of your smell and your cat could be intrigued watching all your bathroom activities, such as brushing your teeth or taking a bath. 

5. Your cat follows a routine. 

Cats are creatures of habit and following you into the bathroom every morning is something your cat may look forward to each day. She may also associate the bathroom with mealtime if you feed her after using the bathroom in the morning. 

Why do cats like the bathroom?

Your cat sees it as a good place to play. 

Cats can have a lot of fun when they are in the bathroom. They play around with toilet paper rolls or inside the tub. Your cat may also be fond of the towels and robes hanging on the rail. There is a lot to do in the bathroom that could occupy your cat’s time, especially if she is left alone at home all day.

A closed bathroom door makes your cat more curious.

Cats are endlessly curious and cannot stand closed doors. If your cat sees you disappear behind a closed bathroom door, she will become restless. This is because cats see the bathroom as an extension of their territory and they want to know what is happening on the other side of the door.  

Your cat likes to hang out in the sink. 

Most cats adore sleeping in the sink, possibly due to its shape. It has rounded sides that cradle their body and is a nice place to lounge and nap. During the summer months, the coolness of the tiles provides relief from the heat, and water droplets from the faucet provide additional fun. 

Your cat likes to be around water. 

Most cats hate being wet, but they still like to be around water. Your cat likes to drink water from the sink or tub faucet because running water is appealing to cats. Some breeds, like the Maine Coon, love the water and may also swim in a half-filled tub. 


Cats are affectionate and curious animals and tend to bond closely with their humans. Some cats follow their owners around the house, and even to the bathroom. If this is something your cat does, she may be feeling vulnerable or curious, or she might be protecting her territory. She may also follow you to the bathroom out of habit, or because she knows you are a captive audience in that little room and she will have your full attention while you are in there. 

Image: istockphoto.com / IrenaV