Apricot Point Siamese

Apricot Point Siamese

The Siamese cat breed is considered one of the oldest cat breeds. These cats have a sleek and elegant appearance, silver-gray fur, and striking blue eyes. However,  this cat breed also comes in as many as 32 colors. The most accepted colors by cat organizations are the seal point, blue, lilac, chocolate, fawn, cinnamon, caramel, tabby, tortie, cream, and red.  In this article, let us get to know more about the Apricot Point Siamese and other types of the Siamese breed

Apricot Point Siamese: How is it different from other Siamese cats?

The Apricot Point Siamese cat differs from other Siamese cats only in terms of its color points. This cat’s color is an apricot which is a cream with at least one set of the dilute modifier gene. This is what makes the cream an apricot. The hot cream-colored point has a metallic sheen and the cat’s feet and legs are paler. While they are still kittens, the apricot point tends to be pale but starts to become pronounced as they grow older. There are freckles in the ears, nose, lips, and paw pads. The body coat color is usually warm and creamy white while the eye rims, nose leather, and paw pads are pink-colored.

Siamese Cat Colors 

These are the various colorations of Siamese cats aside from the Apricot Point:

Seal Point 

This is the common and most identifiable coloration of the breed. Its extremities are black colored or almost seal brown. The Seal Point Siamese cat has the darkest body color. While it is genetically a black cat, this Siamese cat’s color only shows on the points.

Chocolate Point 

The Chocolate Point Siamese has a lighter coat color compared to the Seal Point Siamese.  Its body color is ivory white with no traces of shading which causes a contrast effect between the body and the points. The paw pads and nose are of a cinnamon-pinkish shade. 

Blue Point 

The body color of a Blue Point Siamese is mostly bluish-white and gradually fades away on the chest and stomach area. It also shades into a blue on the back area, and the color becomes darker as the cat grows older. The points are deep blue and slate while the paw pads and nose are slate blue-colored. 

Lilac Point 

This is also called the Frost Point Siamese because the points are frosty grey and pinkish. The points of this cat should not be blue, fawn, or chocolate. Its coat color is glacial white minus the shading. It has the lightest body color; even as the cat ages, the color stays light. The nose and paw pads are lavender pink-colored.

Colored Short Points 

1. Red Point 

The Red Point Siamese is also called Flame Point and Orange Point. It is the result of breeding a Siamese cat with a tortoiseshell and a red tabby cat.  Its points are bright and reddish-gold. Its body is warm white while the paw pads and nose leather are pink-colored.  

2. Tortie Point 

The Tortie Point Siamese was created just like the Red Point Siamese. These cats are a mix of red and black and mostly females.  They can be any basic color except for cream and red. The points should be mottled with cream, red, and apricot. It may show striping in large areas, but the body color should be solid and it must fit with the main color of the points. 

The types of Tortie Point Siamese include the fawn tortie point, cinnamon tortie point, and caramel tortie point. 

3. Cinnamon Point

The Cinnamon Point Siamese cats have warm and cinnamon brown points. The body is ivory-colored while the fur is paler in the legs. The eye rims are cinnamon-brown while the paw pads are pinkish or also cinnamon-brown.  

4. Lynx Point

The Lynx Point Siamese was the result of breeding a seal point with a domestic tabby cat. The points are striped and colors may include seal, blue, lilac, red, cream, seal tortie, and chocolate.  

5. Cream Point

The Cream Point Siamese was the result of breeding an Abyssinian, Siamese, and red Domestic Shorthair cat. These cats are considered delicate, and their paw pads and nose leather are pink-colored. 

6. Caramel Point

The Caramel Point Siamese has an off-white body coat and tone shading points. The eye rims, paw pads, and nose leather are pinkish-gray while the legs are brownish-gray. 

7. Fawn Point

The Fawn Point Siamese has an off-white body with rosy mushroom points. The paw pads, eye rims, and nose are pink-colored. These cats are considered delicate just like the Cream Point Siamese. 

8. Tabby Point Siamese 

These cats feature the tabby version of the basic colors of Siamese cats. They have clear and defined striped markings in the face and around the eyes and nose. They have the distinct M marking on the forehead, and the ears have a thumbprint pattern. The leg markings are not usually clear, and the tail is ringed on the underside while body color should be solid and fit the point colors.

The colorations of the Tabby Point Siamese include the tortie, blue, lilac, seal, chocolate, cinnamon, red, cream, apricot, caramel, seal tortie, fawn,  lilac tortie, blue tortie, cinnamon tortie, chocolate tortie, fawn tortie, and caramel tortie. 

9. Foreign White Siamese 

The Foreign White Siamese has a white-colored coat that is the dominant mask color. They mostly have blue-colored eyes. 

Siamese cat personality 

Siamese cats, regardless of colorations, are popular for being vocal and always wanting to be the center of attention. They have a deep, loud, and low-pitched voice called “meezer,” which is also their nickname. They are among the most affectionate cat breeds and get along well with children and other pets.  If your cat is usually left at home during the day, consider getting another Siamese cat since these cats love to interact and easily get bored if they are alone.

These felines are intelligent and athletic and should be provided with stimulating games and toys because they are very active. They are also famous for having dog-like qualities and love to play fetch. Some great games that these cats enjoy include ping pong play, shadow games, and bubble-bursting games. 


Siamese cats come in various color points, including the Apricot Point Siamese, which features a creamy white body color and pinkish paw pads, eye rims, and nose leathers. Siamese cats come in 32 colors and the common hues include the seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, and red. 

Image: istockphoto.com / photo by Volchanskiy