Are Ragamuffin Cats Hypoallergenic?

Are Ragamuffin Cats Hypoallergenic

Ragamuffin cats are famous for their heavily-boned bodies and plush coats. They are even-tempered and ideal companions because they get along well with all family members. If you are fond of cats with fluffy fur, this breed is a good match- unless you are prone to cat allergies. 

Are Ragamuffin cats hypoallergenic?

No, Ragamuffin cats are not hypoallergenic; no cat is truly hypoallergenic. All cats produce the Fel d 1 protein, the allergen that causes allergic reactions.  There are cat breeds that tend to produce less allergens: these include the Siberian, Balinese, Sphynx, Javanese, Bengal, and Russian Blue. However, they still produce allergens and can still cause cat allergy symptoms. 

Intact males tend to produce more allergens compared to neutered ones. Male cats also tend to produce more allergens than females. Kittens tend to produce fewer allergens than adults. 

Cat Allergy Symptoms 

These are the most common cat allergy symptoms: 

  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Red, itchy eyes
  • Hives or rashes on the chest and face
  • Redness of the skin where a cat has scratched, licked, or bitten 
  • Sneezing

Tips for Cat Allergy Sufferers 

Here are some tips to manage your cat allergy symptoms:

  • Spend some time with cats before bringing one home. You will be exposed to great concentrations of allergens if you expose yourself to cats and their environment. You are likely to have good results at home if you can tolerate the allergen exposure. 
  • Choose a male cat since studies reveal that males produce fewer allergens than female cats. 
  • Bathe and brush your cat regularly to lessen the buildup of allergens. 
  • Always vacuum your floors and wash the surfaces of areas where your cat often stays.
  • Restrict your cats from entering rooms with carpets and fabrics, such as bedrooms and the receiving room. 
  • Use an air purifier and change the filter regularly. 
  • Always wash your hands after holding or petting your cat. 
  • Let your cat go outside to reduce allergens in your home. 

Cat Allergy Treatment 

There are several options available for treating your cat allergy. These are some of the most common:

  • Antihistamines like Claritin and Benadryl
  • Corticosteroid nasal sprays like Flonase
  • Over-the-counter decongestant sprays
  • Allergy shots or immunotherapy 

Ragamuffin Cats: History, Physical Features, and Personality 


The Ragamuffin cat breed originated from the Ragdoll and Cherubim breeds. These breeds were created in the 1960s by Ann Baker from an un-pedigreed cat named Josephine that was likely a mix of Angora, Burmese, or Persian. A group of breeders crossed the Ragdoll breed with Persians, Himalayans, and domestic long-haired cats to increase the size and to differentiate the new breed from the Ragdoll cats. The name Ragamuffin was initially a joke by one of the breeders, but it stuck when the official breed registry could not be changed.

Physical Features 

This breed has a medium-sized head and the face appears large because of the fur. These cats have medium-sized ears that are set on the sides to keep up with the triangular look of their face. They have oval eyes as well as long and strong legs. The common eye colors of the breed include green, gold, blue, hazel, amber, and odd-eyed. They weigh around 12 pounds and the lifespan is 8 to 13 years. They have long and silky coats that come in colors such as white, black, blue, brown, red, platinum, lilac, chocolate, chestnut, fawn, lavender, cinnamon, silver, and cameo. The coat patterns include solid color, mitted, and points. 


Ragamuffins are even-tempered and placid and get along well with all family members. They are outgoing, sweet, and good traveling buddies. They can be trained to walk on a leash and are ideal companions for families that live in apartments. Unlike the Ragdolls, they do not go limp when you hold them up. 

Do Ragamuffin cats shed?

Yes, Ragamuffin cats shed, but not excessively. These cats have medium to medium-long coats with a silky and soft texture. Their fur does not mat or tangle easily, and is easy to groom and maintain.  

Cat Breeds that Produce Fewer Allergens 

Although all cats produce the Fel d 1 protein, there are cat breeds that typically produce fewer allergens. Here are several examples:


This breed is often called the long-haired Siamese. It was developed in the USA and is the product of a natural, spontaneous mutation of the Siamese gene. These cats have silky, angora-like coats. 


The Javanese breed is agile, playful, athletic, and highly intelligent. They make good pets and are a longhaired variety of the Siamese breed. This breed is a result of crossbreeding Balinese, Siamese, and colorpoint cats. These cats like to follow you around. They are fond of people but  not as vocal as the Siamese.

Devon Rex 

The Devon Rex breed has distinctive features including oversized ears and large, impish eyes. These cats are also called “pixies of the cat fancy.” They are sociable, very loyal, fun-loving, and relaxed. They also possess dog-like qualities and want constant companionship. 

Cornish Rex 

This breed has soft, wavy, and rippled coats. They do not shed like other cats because they lack guard hair. These cats require very little grooming and have slender bodies. They are very intelligent, acrobatic, sociable, and have a clownish nature.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat has striking green eyes and a sparkling, silvery coat. They are intelligent and playful, so they make good pets and companions. They have dense, double coats and their fur has adapted to withstand harsh temperatures. 


The Siberian cat breed is agile and muscular and can leap great heights and distances. These cats are very intelligent. They also get along well with children and are friendly to other pets like dogs.  


The Sphynx cat breed has unique features since it lacks a fur coat and is often nicknamed the “suede hot water bottle.” They require regular sponge baths to remove secretions. These cats are friendly, loving, acrobatic, clownish, and attention seeking. 


Ragamuffin cats have long, fluffy, and silky coats with a calm and affectionate personality. They are not hypoallergenic since all cats produce the Fel d 1 allergen which is responsible for cat allergies.  Precautionary measures should be made if you are prone to allergies; this includes regular vacuuming at home and the use of air purifiers. You also have to bathe and groom your cat regularly and restrict her from entering certain rooms such as the bedroom. 

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