How To Get A Cat Out From Under A Bed?

How To Get A Cat Out From Under A Bed

Cats are active and playful, but they can also get into mischief and trouble. They may run around, get the zoomies, and scurry under furniture or your bed. While this looks fun for your cat, it can pose risks. Your cat may get squeezed or trapped, get scratched by metal bed legs, or may damage the mattress or box spring.

How do I get a cat out from under a bed?

There are several ways you can get your cat back out from under the bed. 

1. Lure your cat by calling her or offering toys or treats. 

Cats are smart! They can distinguish their names so simply calling them may do the trick. Cats typically respond when you call their names because they know it means mealtime or time for petting and cuddles. 

You can also offer some cat food or treats by tapping a spoon on a food bowl or shaking a treat bag. Although your cat does not see it, she instantly knows there is food nearby. If your cat is a new pet,  she tends to hide often, so let her eat undisturbed until she becomes comfortable with her new home. Give her tuna, canned food, or pieces of deli meat since they are tasty and flavorful. 

Toys like a fishing lure on a string or a feather teaser may work for your cat. Cats instinctively grasp and cling to these toys since they look like prey. Toys that have bells are also appealing to cats. Try to dangle the toys on the edge of the bed. Once your cat plays with it, slowly pull back the toy to lure your cat out.  

2. Wait for your cat to come out.

If you failed to lure your cat out from under a bed, just be patient. Your cat may be hiding since she is stressed or scared. If you have a new cat, hiding is normal behavior. Let her be as it will help her feel more secure. Do not force her to come out as it may just result in aggressive behavior. 

You can also limit your cat’s territory by closing the door. It will help her feel safe and could encourage her to come out from under the bed to explore the room. 

Get rid of noises and keep your kids or other pets out of the room where the cat is hiding. This will help her become less stressed and will calm her down.  Pheromone sprays like Feliway can also help your cat relax. You can also spray this on a towel, place it on a cardboard box or her bed, and place it near the bed where she is hiding. 

3. Try to scare your cat out by using a vacuum cleaner, sweeping the bed with a broom, or moving the bed. 

Cats tend to scare easily, so use this tactic to get her out from under the bed should you have no success with the previous techniques. Bring your vacuum cleaner to the room where the cat is hiding, set it up near the bed, and switch it on. Its loud noise is usually enough to scare the cat out from under a bed.  You could also slide the vacuum cleaner hose under the bed and shake it around to scare your cat away.

You could also try sweeping under the bed with a broom to chase and scare the cat out. If your cat is pressed against the wall or corner while under the bed, you can try moving the bed away from the wall. This could make your cat uncomfortable and hopefully will prompt her to get out from underneath the bed.

One cat owner also shared that she uses under-the-bed storage containers so that when her cat gets under the bed, she just slides out the one the cat is sitting on. She referred to it as “kitten drawers” and noted that it was a fast, easy, and less distressing way to get a cat out from under a bed.

How can you stop your cat from going under the bed?

  • Place storage units under the bed so there won’t be much room for a cat. 
  • Provide spaces in your house where your cat can feel safe, such as cat enclosures or boxes placed in an isolated spot. 
  • Get a bed frame with no space underneath. 
  • Remove things that could cause anxiety to your cat.

Reasons why cats tend to hide

  • They need quiet time. 
  • They are new pets and want to watch their surroundings secretly. 
  • They are practicing their hunting skills. 
  • They are keeping themselves warm. 
  • They want to get away from other pets or rowdy kids. 
  • They are fond of squeezing into tight spaces.
  • They may be sick, in pain, or dying
  • They are pregnant and about to give birth. 


Cats are sociable creatures, but they sometimes tend to shy away and hide from their humans. They prefer to hide under the bed because it gives security and comfort especially if they are stressed, scared, or new to their surroundings. You can lure a cat from under the bed by calling her name and using toys and treats. 

Patience is essential since you may have to wait awhile before your cat comes out. You could also scare her out from under the bed by using a vacuum cleaner, sweeping the area where she is hiding, or moving the bed.

Image: / Oksana Smyshliaeva