The Difference Between Ragdoll and Siamese Cats

The Difference Between Ragdoll and Siamese Cats

The Ragdoll and Siamese cat breeds both stand out for their affectionate nature, distinctive color point coats, and striking blue eyes.  Cat fanciers adore Ragdolls because of their sociable personality, large size, and fuzzy coats.  Siamese cats, on the other hand, are among the most popular cat breeds because they are extremely intelligent, inquisitive, and highly trainable.

The differences between Ragdoll and Siamese cats

They look different from each other. 

Both the Ragdolls and Siamese cats have the colorpoint pattern, but they look entirely different.  Ragdolls have long, fluffy coats, while Siamese cats have short, silky fur.  Ragdolls are also larger than Siamese cats; the former weigh around 12 pounds while the latter tip the scales at nine to 12 pounds. Siamese cats do not have to be groomed as often as Ragdolls, which should be groomed regularly and tend to shed a lot. 

They have contrasting personalities and temperaments. 

Ragdolls and Siamese cat breeds are worlds apart when it comes to personalities since the former is calm and gentle while the latter is energetic and extroverted. Ragdolls are more relaxed and independent compared to Siamese cats that constantly yearn for attention. If Siamese cats do not get the attention they want, they tend to become depressed. They also vocalize a lot and are famous for being talkative cats. Ragdolls prefer to lay around and just enjoy your company. 

Interestingly, Siamese cats tend to get along well with dogs, but Ragdolls prefer to be the only pets at home. Siamese cats are playful and energetic, which is a perfect match for active and frisky dogs. However, they also tend to be very sensitive and are likely to misbehave if they are not given the attention they want.

Siamese cats do not want to be left alone, but Ragdolls can be left alone for a few hours at home. 

Siamese cats tend to become depressed if they do not get the attention that they want. They dislike being home alone since they prefer human interaction most of the time. They are a good match for families with kids and other pets like dogs. These cats want to play often, so always have some toys handy. Things like food puzzle toys can keep them busy for hours. 

Compared to Siamese cats, Ragdolls are more independent. They prefer to sit around and keep you company, especially when you are doing something chill, like watching TV.  They like to curl up and cuddle on your lap, as opposed to Siamese cats that prefer to follow you around the home. Ragdolls are a good match for people who have a career during the day since these cats are perfectly fine if they are left alone for certain periods of the day.  They are also attuned to their owner’s emotional needs which make them adorable companions. 

Siamese cats are easier to train than Ragdolls. 

Siamese cats respond well to training because of their inherent love for play. They have boundless energy and for them, training is just like playing. Thus, they are very much up to it and willing to learn tricks.  Training Ragdolls, on the other hand, is quite a struggle because of their sensitivity and anxiousness. They tend to become sad easily and need more positive reinforcement to be able to respond well to training. 

Ragdolls also prefer to lounge around and take naps rather than learn tricks.

Siamese cats originated in Thailand way back in the 1300s and are considered one of the oldest known cat breeds. They arrived in the US during the late 1800s as a gift to President Rutherford Hayes. The Ragdoll is an American breed that originated in Riverside, California in the 1960s. It is the result of crossbreeding Birman, Persian, and Angora cats. 

Inversely, Ragdolls and Siamese cats also have similarities. They are both well-known for their white bodies with dark faces, legs, and paws. Their color points can be a blue point, chocolate point, cream point, or lilac point. Both cat breeds are also sociable and affectionate.  They both make good pets especially for families with kids. Ragdolls are well-loved for being floppy cats that go limp when picked up, while Siamese cats are playful and can become perfect playmates for kids.  These breeds are also both very intelligent and responsive to their humans. 


The differences between Ragdoll and Siamese cats mainly lie in their personality and temperament.  Ragdolls tend to be docile, calm, and gentle while Siamese cats are energetic, playful, and very vocal.  They both differ in their physical size and weight, but show similarities in their colorpoint color patterns and ability to become good family pets.

Image: / Angela Kotsell