Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me All Of A Sudden?

Why Is My Cat Ignoring Me All Of A Sudden

Cats are loveable companions and they can be a source of immense happiness for their owners. They can be affectionate, playful and might snuggle and sit on your lap on their terms.  However, this may not always be the case and your furry friend may suddenly avoid you and ignore you completely. 

Why is my cat ignoring me all of a sudden?

Your cat is ignoring you all of a sudden due to the following reasons:

1. There were changes in your routines at home. 

Cats are creatures of habit and they adhere to certain routines. Slight changes in the routines at home could throw them off-balance and may cause stress and anxiety.  Certain examples of changes may include the addition of a new family member or pet, a home remodeling or relocation to another place.  These can trigger anxiety among cats. 

You may have changed your perfume or you may have switched to another type of fabric detergent, and that is why your cat is ignoring you. The strange scents could be too much for them or they may be too stressed to identify your scent from the unfamiliar smells. Be sure to establish routines and try your best to adhere to them so your cat won’t become stressed or anxious. 

2. Your cat is relaxing and does not want to be bothered. 

Have you ever wondered why your cat does not want to play with you and ignores you instead? If your cat looks uninterested, it could be that they are relaxing and do not want to be bothered.  Just as humans crave some “me time”, so do cats. What you can do is to let them be and allow them some time to relax. They will come to you on their terms and seek your attention once they are in the mood for playtime. 

3. It could be due to a deterioration of your cat’s senses. 

Another reason why your cat is ignoring you all of a sudden is due to deterioration or gradual decline of their senses. Cats that become partially blind may retreat from their usual hyperactive lives. If your cat cannot properly see you they may ignore you. The same goes for if your cat becomes hearing-impaired or if they cannot smell you properly, they may not be able to identify that it is you. 

If you call your cat but they do not respond in any way, you should start to worry. It could mean they have a hearing impairment. However, it could also mean they can hear you because they turned their head or moved their ears although they may choose not to come to you. 

4. They are feeling a little grumpy. 

Cat experts note that felines tend to hold grudges and that they become grumpy if they are upset, just like humans. Thus, they tend to ignore their owners all of a sudden. Cats may also have a great memory and could remember negative experiences. However, other cat experts refute the idea that cats hold grudges as there have not been concrete findings to support it. 

Some cat owners note that if you yelled at your cat a week ago, they may still remember it and may tend to ignore you because of that. Avoid punishing your cat in ways that will only reinforce negative behavior.

Your cat may also be feeling grumpy at times due to past traumatic events in their life. This is usually the case if you adopted them from an animal rescue center. Cat experts suggest that you should have a good understanding and knowledge of your cat’s social and medical history before bringing them home.  

Other probable reasons why your cat is suddenly ignoring you could be because they may be distracted and they are focusing on something else. Your cat may also be secretly harboring an injury or illness which they are trying to hide instinctively. Most importantly, your cat may ignore you suddenly just because they do not feel the need to interact with you. This is not a cause of worry though, as cats are independent creatures and if they feel the need to interact with you they will approach you on their terms.

What are the signs that my cat is ignoring or avoiding me?

These are some of the tell-tale signs that your cat is ignoring or avoiding you:

  • They run away from you each time you try to approach them. 
  • Your cat hides behind objects if you are around. 
  • They stay away from places where you usually are, such as the kitchen, bedroom or your favorite sofa. 
  • They tend to become friendly and affectionate with unfamiliar guests at home but will avoid you if you try to pet them.

Why won’t my cat cuddle with me anymore?

Your cat may want to avoid contact with you because you may have been annoying or teasing them lately. That said, cats are not often fond of cuddling. They relish their personal space and “me time”.  If your cat is acting this way, just let them be and allow them some space. This is often just temporary, unless they are experiencing medical problems. 


If you have an affectionate and playful cat that suddenly ignores you, it can be very disconcerting and worrisome. Your cat could be ignoring you all of a sudden due to changes in your routines at home or because they are suffering from sight or hearing impairment. They may also be ignoring you because they may be relaxing, feeling a little grumpy or harboring a secret illness.

Image: istockphoto.com / Angela Kotsell