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Why Does My Cats Run Around Like Crazy

Why Does My Cat Run Around Like Crazy?

Your cat may be running around like crazy to release some pent-up energy, as an expression of its age-old instincts, or in some case due to a medical condition.  Why does my cat run around like crazy? A cat running around like crazy is said to have the crazies or zoomies. As a cat parent,

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Bite Me

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Bite Me?

Your cat may lick and bite you as a way to bond by grooming you, to show affection, or as an invitation for playtime. She may also be licking and  biting you to show that she’s had enough of your attention and it is her way of telling you to stop petting her.  Why does

My Cat Sits Next to Me But Not On My Lap

My Cat Sits Next to Me But Not On My Lap

Have you ever wondered why your cat sits next to you but not on your lap? Your the most common reason is that the cat is showing you affection but still has trust issues that prevent her from closer contact. It is also possible that you are not handling her right.   My cat sits next

Why Does My Cat Bite My Head

Why Does My Cat Bite My Head?

Your cat bites your head because it is expressing its affection and possessiveness. However, it could also be that it is bored, stressed or even sick including pica. Knowing why your cat does this is important and can help you to take the right action. Why does my cat bite my head? Cats can be

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair?

Your licks your hair usually because she is attracted to its scent or taste, as a way to show her affection to you, or as a way to bond with you as her preferred human. Why does my cat lick my hair? Cats have endearing behaviors that sometimes surprises us. Take, for instance, licking your

Why Do Cats Push Things

Why Do Cats Push Things?

Cats may be pushing things to get your attention, to express her prey drive, or because she is hungry.  She may also be practicing paw maneuvers, she may be bored, or she may be just doing it for sheer fun.  Why do cats push things? Cats are sometimes queer and they tend to exhibit behavior

Cat Sideways Hop

Cat Sideways Hop

A cat sideways hop can mean that your cat is in a playful mode although some may also consider it a form of intimidation. This particular cat movement and posture is usually observed among kittens although adult cats also manifest it.  What is a sideways hop? The sideways hop is a favorite movement among young

Why Are Siamese Cats So Vocal

Why Are Siamese Cats So Vocal?

Siamese cats are so vocal because they are more social than other cat breeds which causes them also to communicate more vocally. They like to seek attention and tend to be more interactive and communicative with their owners compared to to other breeds. Why are Siamese cats so vocal? Siamese cats are known for their

Why Do Cats Arch their Backs When You Pet Them

Why Do Cats Arch their Backs When You Pet Them?

Arching may signal pleasure and contentment A cat arching its back can signal pleasure and contentment. The cat can even do it simply to adjust its position so you can continue stroking its favorite spot. To make sure that your cat is happy while you pet, watch its body language. Contentment will show in its

Cat Hissing At New Cat

Cat Hissing At New Cat

A cat may hiss at a new cat because of territorial aggression, feeling unsettled and your cats unwillingness to share its space with the newcomer. This is very normal behavior from cats and not a reason for concern as such. Reasons why your cat is hissing at the new cat Cats are well-known for being creatures

Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs

Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs

Why does my cat sleep between my legs? Your cat likes to sleep between your legs because it is one place where she feels warm, secure and protected. It also provides comfort and warmth while trying to convey to you the message that she trusts you completely.  While it may be true that cats can

Why is My Cat Peeing in The Sink

Why is My Cat Peeing in The Sink

At least 10 per cent of all cats develop an elimination problem. Some cats only use their litter boxes for urination or defecation but not for both. Some completely ignore using the litter box. This could be troublesome especially if you found your cat peeing right in the sink. There are many reasons that may

Cat Hissing At New Kitten

Cat Hissing At a New Kitten

A cat may hiss at the new kitten because she is expressing territorial aggression, feeling unsettled, and unwilling to share her space. This is a normal cat behavior when there is a new kitten in the household and can best be addressed by properly introducing the cats to each other.   Why is your cat hissing

Cat Walking With Arched Back

Cat Walking With Arched Back

Cats exhibit unique behaviors that can sometimes border on queerness. They have a diverse body language that only cat experts can truly understand. Even experienced pet parents are sometimes at a loss on why your cat is acting a certain way. One particular feline behavior that many find puzzling is when cats walk with an

Cat Sticks Tongue Out When Petted

Cat Sticks Tongue Out When Petted

Reasons why your cat sticks out her tongue when petted include that she may be analyzing pheromones, tastes, and textures in connection with the “Flehmen response” behavior, there’s food stuck between her teeth, or because of dental issues. Your cat may also be sticking her tongue out when petted because of health concerns like dementia

Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband

Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband

Your cat kneads you because she feels secure and shares a bond with you. She also sees you as her caretaker and mother. In the truest sense of the word, she kneads you because she needs you and your loving care.  Why does my cat knead me but not my husband? If you’re wondering why

Why Do Cats Roll in Dirt

Why Do Cats Roll in Dirt?

Many cats frequently roll in the dirt which seems opposite to the common behavior of grooming and licking its fur to keep itself clean. While it may seem odd for cat owners, dust baths are fun, quick ways for your cat to feel good and to help them remove parasites from their fur. Reasons why

Find out the 7 signs that tell your cat loves you.

How do Cats Show Affection?

The idea that cats don’t show affection is simply not true. Sure, they may not always exhibit their feelings in the all-out exuberance of their canine counterparts, but it’s there; you just have to pay attention. Let’s take a journey through all the ways your feline friend is saying “I love you.”

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

If you’re a new cat parent you may be having a hard time getting your new cat settled in. Worse, if she doesn’t want to be cuddled and runs away the moment you come near her. Why does my cat run away from me? Cats are known to be social creatures but they can also

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys?

Your cat is bringing you toys because she may want to play with you, may want to teach you how to hunt or may simply want your attention. It may also be that she’s responding to a prey-retrieval instinct and a mother cat instinct of teaching her young how to hunt.  Whatever her intention may be, 

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me While I Sleep?

The way a cat looks at you can feel cute and warm at day time but can also feel creepy at night, especially when you are sleeping. Lets look at some reasons why your cat is staring at you while you sleep, how to prevent this in case you find it creepy and also what

Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose

Why Does My Cat Bite My Nose

Your cat may bite your nose for many reasons including to transfer her scent on you, marking you as her property and as a part of her territory or simply as a a substitute for pacifier especially if she was separated from her mother at a young age.   Is your feline friend a nose

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Stomach When I'm Pregnant

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Stomach When I’m Pregnant?

You’re a few months in the family way and the household is abuzz with excitement. But other than that, you are concerned why your pet kitty suddenly becomes extra clingy. So why does a cat lay on your stomach when you are pregnant? The reason is, your cat senses that there’s something different in your

Why Does Mother Cat Move Only One Kitten

Why Does Mother Cat Move Only One Kitten?

Can’t wait to see and hold the newborn kittens of your pet cat? Well, you may have to be patient for a while. Mama cats are very sensitive when it comes to their young and socializing with them too soon may prompt her to move her young elsewhere. But why does mother cat move only

Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets

Why Do Cats Burrow Under Blankets

Cats are playful but they can also be unpredictable. They have habits that some may find strange like giving gifts in the form of captured prey, and they manifest some unique behavior like burrowing under blankets. So, why do cats burrow under blankets? They may be looking for warmth, want to engage you with playtime,

Why Does My Cat Lick The Shower Curtain

Why Does My Cat Lick The Shower Curtain

Cats are known to be very particular with their habits like licking their fur but it’s another thing when they start licking items like plastic bags and shower curtains. The most common reasons why a cat licks the shower curtain are that she may have developed a liking to it because of its texture or

Why is My Cat Licking the Walls

Why Does My Cat Lick the Wall

Cats are known to be clean animals because of their habit of grooming themselves. A normal cat can spend us much as 50% of its waking time licking itself. It’s natural for a cat to lick itself regularly to be clean. Sometimes, curious cats lick other stuff also such as plants, furniture, clothing and walls.

Why Do Cats Lick The Ground

Why Do Cats Lick The Ground?

Cats are known to be finicky eaters, but did you know that they also tend to lick and eat unedible things as well? Take for instance their fascination for licking plastic bags, concrete, and even soil! So, why do cats lick the ground? The most common reasons why cats lick the ground is a dietary

Ever wondered why your furry friend likes to share your bed? Ever wondered are there any pitfalls to this? Read and find out.

Why Do Cats Sleep on You?

For most pet parents there’s nothing quite like the feeling we get when our beloved feline friend decides to curl up on us. The soft vibrations of a purring kitty can do wonders to soothe our jagged nerves or just reassure us that we are loved by a different living species. But what does all this furry attention really mean?

My Cat Is Very Jumpy And Nervous

My Cat Is Very Jumpy And Nervous

Have you noticed some strange behavior on your pet cat lately? Cats may become jumpy and nervous because of anxiety, over-stimulation, being poorly socialized or because they have suffered abuse. But don’t fret, this type of behavior can be corrected with the right dose of awareness and understanding.  My cat is very jumpy and nervous:

Cat Purring With Mouth Open

Cat Purring With Mouth Open

Cats usually purr when they feel relaxed, comfortable, contented, and happy. But, there’s more than meets the “purr”, especially if your cat is purring with mouth open. So, what might be the best explanation for this cat behavior? What do cat experts have to say about this? Let’s all find out together and unravel the

Why Does My Cat Attack Me And No One Else

Why Does My Cat Attack Me And No One Else

Have you ever experienced being attacked by your pet cat without any warning at all? Do you find it unnerving when your pet suddenly lunges at you when just a moment ago you were just playing with her or cuddling her? Then you’re not alone. Most pet parents have encountered this at least a few

Why Do Stray Cats Rub Against Your Legs

Rubbing against your legs is very typical cat behavior that we often see and experience yet something that we do not understand fully. So, what if the cat rubbing against your legs is a stray cat? What Are the reasons why she is doing that?  Let’s start by getting to know more what a stray

Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose

Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose?

Ever wonder why your cat is licking your nose whenever you cuddle her? Cats express their feelings using different, rather subtle methods. Head butts are a form of greeting and rubbing against each other’s heads transfers their scent to the other, thus bonding the two. Nose licks are like a people kiss on the forehead

Want to have more than one feline friend? Read on to find helpful steps, tips and tricks to introducing your cat to a new cat.

Introducing two cats to each other

Cats are a lot like potato chips…you can’t have just one. The trouble with this notion is, unlike their canine counterparts, cats aren’t always too quick to accept another cat “invading” their home turf. However, don’t let that specific trait of the feline nature discourage you from adding another cat to your family.

Learn how to teach your cat to use a scratching post.

How to Get a Cat to Use a Scratching Post

So you’ve just brought home your bundle of furry feline joy and the first thing he does after investigating his new home is to start scratching the corner of your sofa. This is a common complaint among pet parents and not just for those folks with kittens, full-grown cats can be the culprits, too. In

How To Tell If Cats Are Bonded

How To Tell If Cats Are Bonded

You can tell if your cats are bonded by observing the following signs:  they are not hissing at each other they are rubbing against each other they are intertwining their tails  they cleaning, licking and grooming each other  they are sleeping and cuddling together  they are romping and playing in a restrained manner and without

Pheromones for Cats Side Effects

Do Pheromones for Cats have Side Effects?

Cats use a variety of signals from body language to vocalization to communicate. In addition, cats use pheromones by transferring them to objects, people, other pets, or their surroundings to mark them as safe, important parts of their world and to warn of potential dangers. Sometimes, these markings become less and less ‘cute’ when they

Thunderease vs Feliway

Thunderease vs Feliway: What Is the Difference?

Cats tend to display unusual behavior like urine spraying and inappropriate scratching when to anxious or stressed. Similarly, conflicts may happen in a multi-cat home. The use of synthetic pheromones like ThunderEase or Feliway can help solving these issues by mimicking cat pheromones to make felines calm and relaxed.  They work by copying the natural

Feliway vs Comfort Zone

Feliway vs Comfort Zone: Differences and Which one Is Better

Feliway and Confort Zone are artificial pheromones that can mimic the scenting process that helps stressed, anxious and aggressive cats to adapt to their environment and to feel comfortable. If the cat feels anxious due to new places, pets, people or even rearranging stuff at home, she may start scratching, urine marking, or even experience

Why Is My Cat Scared All of a Sudden

Why Is My Cat Scared All of a Sudden?

After living together under the same roof for years, your cat who is usually bold and playful is suddenly acting weird and scared.  Although some cats may recover from this themselves, some may need help or even professional treatment to regain their previous self. Read on to find why cats get scared all of a

Find out why your cat may smell smell of this bodily fluid and ways to combat the problem.

How to stop My Cat from Peeing Everywhere

Cats are typically very clean and meticulous creatures who would rather pee in an area where they can easily cover it up, so if your cat has taken to urinating outside the litter box or on other areas of your home, you will want to discover why. Read on to explore the possible reasons behind

Find out the most common reasons for lack-of-purry response from your feline friend.

Why Doesn’t My Cat Purr?

Cats and purring go together like peanut butter and jelly. This unique-to-feline vibration is produced when the animal is content, happy or even when the cat is nervous or in pain. However, even though it is a common behavior, there are some cats that simply don’t purr. If this describes your best furry friend, we

No one wants a pet that is constantly nipping or biting; it's like playing with a cactus! Read on to discover 7 ways to stop your cat from biting.

7 Ways to Stop a Cat from Biting

Is your precious furbaby a biting machine? Do you spend more money on bandages and healing ointments then on hairball remedy? Then you may be living with a feline biter. No one wants a pet that is constantly nipping or biting; it’s like playing with a cactus! What can we do as pet parents to stop this nasty behavior?

Winning the affections of a feline is not always the easiest task on the planet. In fact, with some cats, you are going to work for it! If you're in the battle of Love-Me-Kitty, then you've got to check out these 21 ways to make your cat love you.

21 Ways to Make Your Cat Love You

Even though we know the personality of most cats can be demanding, aloof and more than a bit “me-centric,” we still want to feel, at least on some level, that our beloved kitty actually does view us as more than a feeding-machine. However, winning the affections of a feline is not always the easiest task on the planet. In fact, with some cats, you are going to work for it!

Is your feline friend a hair biter? Here are some simple reasons that may be causing that odd "hair raising" action.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Hair?

Cats may bite or lick the hair of their owner for many reasons including simply showing affection or letting of stress. On the other hand, this behavior can also be a sign of serious health issues or compulsions. They can also bite their humans’ hair as a sign of affection, just like they groom their

Follow these seven helpful steps to make the transition from litter box to outdoors simpler.

7 Steps to Housebreak a Cat

If you love cats, but hate that stinky litter box, then you may want to ponder the idea of housebreaking your feline (aka going outside). If left to their own devices, most cats would likely choose the great outdoor potty over the confinement of a litter box. However, there are ways to make the transition

8 ways experts say will tell if your feline friend is a happy cat.

Is My Cat Happy?

Unlike a dog that will show his happiness by wagging his tail or bouncing around, cats are more subtle in their approach to happiness…or any other emotion, really. Most cats go through life with dignity and reserve, so if you want to know if he is happy, then you’re going to have to know what to look for when asking yourself “is my cat happy?” We’ve scratched through the mounds of information from pet experts to put together a list of “happy” signs your cat is probably exhibiting on a daily basis.

Find out how to tell if your cat is depressed an how to help the kitty blues.

Is My Cat Depressed?

We as humans have probably all felt a little sad or down at times, maybe even depressed. But according to studies done by animal behaviorists in the 1990s even cats can feel the affects of depression, too. To answer the question of “is my cat depressed,” we’ve compiled a list of symptoms to check for in your feline friend.

Getting cats and dogs to get along is not always easy but can be done. We created this guide to help anyone taking up on this challenge.

Cats and Dogs Living Together

It’s a myth that dogs and cats are mortal enemies. This terrible injustice of the truth may have been perpetuated by the cartoon industry or pet owners of yesteryear that didn’t perhaps have the time or inclination to help the two species become the best of furry pals.

6 ways to tell your furry friend is bored and 7 tips that will bring joy back her life.

Is My Cat Bored?

We may wonder how our feline friend could possibly be bored, after all we’ve purchased every cat toy on the market (and made up a few of our own). However, the curiosity of cats goes well beyond the jingle balls and feathery tails of those retail finds. Cats need to be mentally and physically stimulated because it is hardwired into their DNA…